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Colour Pop Haul #7902484

Hey all! How’s it going?!  Happy Saturday!

I’m here with another Colour Pop Haul. I’ve actually lost track of how many I’ve done in the past but I love this brand so much! Some of the items I wanted were sold out or I picked up from Sephora (which you’ll see in my upcoming Sephora Haul).

I wanted to pick up one of the Supernova Shadow’s since I’ve been dying to try one of the Stila glitter shadows but didn’t want to break the bank either. When I saw these released I knew I had to try one for $7!!

I picked up the shade Firecracker which is described as a “cool-toned burgundy with gold duochrome and silver, gold, and green glitter”. Its absolutely gorgeous!!! This was incredibly easy to apply as well. I applied it with the applicator but used a Colour Pop flat shader brush to really get it exactly where I wanted it. There was ZERO fall out and once this stuff dries, it doesn’t move!!! I worse this for a good 10 hours and it never faded. I might need to grab the rest of the shades!



I also picked up a Super Shock Shadow in Bouncy which is described as a “cool-toned bronze with gold and violet duochrome”. Its freaking gorgeous! I pair it with a neutral to warm crease shade with this on the lid – its perfect for this time of year! I apply these with my finger or a Colour Pop flat shader brush to pack on the shadow and then blend it out with a fluffy crease brush just a bit for a seamless transition.

Just look at these swatches!!!!! So pigmented and gorgeous!

Colour Pop can be a bit overwhelming at times when there are constantly new releases every week, but they hit the nail on the head with their products! I am always impressed with the quality of Colour Pop products!

Have you tired any new releases from Colour Pop?



MAC Haul

Hey all! How’s it going? I’m here with a tiny MAC haul.

I had no intentions of picking anything up from MAC until I received a reminder email to grab my free anniversary gift with purchase.


There was nothing that had really caught my eye and I’ve got plenty of Fix+ for now so I decided to grab a travel size pigment in Tan. I have a travel size of the Blue Brown which I’ll never get through, so I figured I better stick to the travel size of this one as well! I always apply these pigments with a small flat shader brush spritzed with a little Fix+.

My free product was a Patentpolish Lip Pencil and I chose the shade Spontaneous which is a soft plum shade. It’s actually pretty sheer but adds a nice tint to your lips. I don’t find these to hydrating or long-lasting but are good for a quick put together looks.

Last but not least I grabbed a sample of the strobe cream. I love these little samples! I have yet to cave and buy a full sized version since I don’t wear it all the time but I do go through phases where I can’t put it down.


No Buy October Update

Hey all! How’s it going today?

As you may know, I placed myself on a no-buy for the month of October. It started off rocky but it ended really well! I’m actually still doing pretty well since I’m waiting to really splurge during the Sephora VIB Sale. My cart is full of items I hope don’t sell out before tomorrow!!

Anyway! I only had a very MINOR purchase. In my defense both items were on sale at Sephora and who can really pass up anything that goes on sale at Sephora? Am I right?!


When I saw the Benefit Watt’s Up Highlight go on sale during the new Weekly Wow sale at Sephora for $15 I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Then I made the mistake of casually perusing the sale section and stumbled upon the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Brush marked down to $20 – SAY WHATTTTT?!?!?!?! Needless to say it was all over.


The KVD Shade and Light Contour Brush was originally $34 so I was never tempted to pick up. However, when the price dropped to $20 I lost my mind and bought it on a whim. Its still the most expensive brush I own since most of my brushes are Morphe, Real Techniques, Eco Tools, or random brushes from subscription boxes.

The brush is much flimsier than I originally expected it to be but not in a bad way. It applies product nicely and is incredibly soft! I also love the packaging. The sleek coffin case looks pretty cool on my vanity. Since the brush is dual ended, I do keep it in the case so I don’t ruin one side or the other.

The Benefit Watts Up highlighter retails for $30 but was on sale for $15 during one of the Sephora Weekly Wow sales. I had received a sample size of this in a Sephora Play box and ended up really loving it, so I thought this was the perfect time to grab the full size! This soft champagne highlight is gorgeous and has a cream to powder formula that I find works really well under or over foundation! While its not a blinding highlight, it can be built up or you can layer a powder over top of it for an incredibly intense look. I personally don’t use the sponge applicator as I prefer to blend it out with a damp sponge.

I only spent $35 at the beginning of the month but overall I stayed strong! With all of the holidays sets being released, it could have gone a lot worse!!

If you’re on a no-buy stay strong!!!!

The Ordinary – Haul and Review

Hey guys! How’s it going?! WARNING: LONG REVIEW.  I hope you brought a snack.

A very good friend of mine had been RAVING about The Ordinary and what wonderful things it has been doing for her skin. She recommended some products that I should try and of course, for the price, I had to give them a try! I’ve been really into skincare the last year or so and recently my acne had gotten worse (just when I thought I hard started to get rid of it – It came back with a VENGEANCE!!!) so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  I picked up all of these products from


I picked up: The Serum Foundation, The Coverage Foundation, Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, Niacinamide 10% +Zinc 1%, and the AHA 30% +BHA 2% Peeling Solution.

While reading about their skincare I also discovered they had two foundations that when first released, had a 25,000 person waitlist!!!! WOAH! How had I never heard about these?!

Lets talk about the foundations first!   The foundations come in 21 shades and are broken down into categories and undertones. In the Coverage Foundation I chose 1.1P (fair w/ pink undertones) and in the Serum Foundation I chose 1.1N (fair with neutral undertones). I’m pretty fair in the fall/ winter and these both seemed like a good match. I normally grab neutral foundations but I do tend to lean more pink and this one isn’t overly pink. I’m pretty happy with the shades I chose.

The Serum Foundation is very thin (almost runny) and offers a lightweight medium-coverage formula. It can easily be build up to achieve pretty moderate coverage without being cakey. This foundation is oil and alcohol free and offers a semi matter coverage.

The Coverage Foundation is much thicker but not as thick as foundations such a KVD Lock It (my holy grail). This foundation is very full coverage also with a semi matter coverage. It also has a smooth finish to that helps avoid a cakey finish. This foundation is also oil and alcohol free.

I’ve been wearing these both for about a week. I’ve tried them on their own, mixed together, and mixed with other foundations. I’ve worn them over the Smashbox Photofinish Primer and I ALWAYS set with a powder because of how oily I am, plus I generally wear my makeup for at least 12 hours during the week.

Surprisingly I actually prefer the Serum Foundation. While they both wore really well, the Serum Foundation just looked better on my skin. The coverage foundation covered really well but I did think it clung just a little around some of my dry patches on heeling acne, nothing too terribly but it is something I noticed. The foundations did not sink into my lines and did not wear off funny.

Honestly – I love mixing the two together. They’re the perfect coverage and texture when worn together. Doesn’t cling to any patches, provides good coverage, wear really well considering the length of time I wear it, and it does really well at keeping my semi-matte. I don’t think I get overly oily and only have to touch up once MAYBE twice at the very end of the day. I’m currently on hour 5 and not having any issues with wear.


Ok – On to skincare!!


The AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution seems to always be sold out! So of course when I saw it was in stock I had to grab it. This peel exfoliates the skin’s topmost surface for a brighter and more even appearance while helping to clear pore congestion. It is also suppose to help fight blemishes and reduce the look of fine lines with continued use.

This peels is bright red and honestly it looks a little scary. You’re also not suppose to use this more than twice per week and it is recommended to use at night as it may leave you a little flushed. I do notice that it slightly burns but not overly so – I’m not extremely sensitive to pain or burning from skincare. I found it very tolerable but if you can’t handle a very slight sensation stay away from this.

My skin feels amazing after using this and I can’t wait to see results after continued use!

The Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. I apply this before other serums or skincare so my skin can soak it up.

The Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA reduces the look of spots and hyper pigmentation. I apply this right after the Niacinamide/ Zinc serum and follow with Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer.

I noticed that some of my texture is starting to disappear; however, I did start to break out a little more on my chin the 3 days immediately following the initial use of these. This could be due to the treatments starting to purge my skin but these breakouts are already shrinking. Overall, my skin feels great and I’ll keep you updated on continued use of these products!

Price Breakdowns:

Coverage Foundation $6.90

Serum Foundation $6.70

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution $7.20

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%  $5.90

Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA  $8.90

You can not beat these prices!! I highly suggest checking out some of their products. If you’ve tried any products from The Ordinary please let me know your suggestions!

First Impressions – Dose of Colors

Hey guys! I know its been a while but life really gets in the way sometimes!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my first impressions of a couple Dose of Color Lipsticks! I know I’m probably the last person to jump on the train and give them a try but now that they’re available at Ulta and can earn points – the decision to try them was much easier! It also helps that my husband ordered these for me as part of my anniversary present and for being so good on my October no buy (I’ll have an update coming on the success or failure of the no buy coming soon!).


I have been wanting to try Dose of Colors for what seems like forever! The Matte Liquid Lipstick in Stone has been on my wish list and I’m so excited to finally have it in my possession! I also wanted to try the Lip It Up Satin Lipstick and the shade Mocha was right up my alley.

Lets talk about the Liquid Lipstick in Stone first. Its a beautiful dusty pink shade which tends to be one of my favorite shades. The packaging is clean and simple which I appreciate it. I’ve worn this a few times and I find that it doesn’t dry my lips out and is pretty comfortable to wear. It did wear off a tad bit in the center of my lips when I was eating (ribs and potato skins) but nothing terrible. I also had no problem touching up the lipstick – It didn’t ball up or start to peel on me. Over all I’m really impressed and so happy I finally have this in my collection!

First can we admire the beautiful packaging of the Lip It Up lipsticks? Its so sleek and chic looking – I love it! I picked out the shade Mocha which is described as a rosy taupe. This is the perfect shade and formula to just slap on and go about your day. Its pigmented and hydrating but doesn’t slide all over the lips. The only thing I don’t like about the product is that it comes with so much of the bullet sticking out of the packing. You have to be very careful outing the lid on to not ruin it. This isn’t a huge issue and it will become nonexistent once its been worn quite a few times.

Overall I’m super impressed with these lipsticks and I want to try more products from Dose of Colors!

Amazon Brush Set

Hey guys! Am I the only one who gets sucked in by Amazon? Oh you need dog treats? New makeup brushes? New shoes? Fall décor? Clothes? Amazon has on it on my door step in two days and I never have to leave the house!!!! I know I can’t be the only one who hates to go to out for one thing when Amazon can have it to me ASAP. You name it, I have ordered it. I’ve even sent a relative non-perishable food from Amazon Pantry.

ANYWAYYYYY, enough about my Amazon addiction. I had been eyeing a brush set for a while. It was only $7.50 for 8 brushes but it only had 3.5 stars out of 5. I didn’t want to end up with a cheap crappy brush set that I would end up tossing. Then it appeared as a lightening deal for $5!!!! I know its really not that much of a difference but that whole two dollars was enough to convince to me pick them up.


Above is a screen shot of the current price and product from Amazon. There is also another option of colorful brushes with a more “unicorn” look to them, but they weren’t really my style and look completely different than these so I can’t speak to their quality.

The came in two days and were each in their own plastic sleeve and then all of them were in a larger plastic sleeve packed into a “bubble” envelope.  The fan brush seemed a little misshaped due to shipping but its actually fine.


The brushes have a rose gold handle with a gold ferrule. The bristles are soft and the right amount of fluffy and dense. I actually prefer a more dense brush over a flimsy one.  If its flopping all over the place, products are not going to apply how I like.

These do apply product nicely. I especially like the fan brush, blending brush, tapered brush, and pencil brush. I’ve used all of them but the liner brush so far and I don’t have any issues, they apply product nicely. So far I haven’t experienced any issues with shedding. I haven’t washed them yet, but they do feel like they’ll hold up well. Nothing is glued weird  and they seem very sturdy.

Have you guys tried any brushes from Amazon? What are some of your recommendations?


Pur Soiree Diaries

Hey all! Happy Friday! I’m here with yet again another palette review thanks to BoxyCharm’s September box! I’m over getting eyeshadows in every single box but the value and products sent is overall worth it!

Anyway… Lets get into it.

The PUR Soiree Diaries palette is another neutral palette with 8 mattes and 4 shimmers. I find the palette to be pretty basic but these are easy to blend, butter, and pigmented. They apply nicely to the lids and wear well all day. I didn’t have any issues with creasing or fading during the work day. The packaging is a sturdy cardboard with a marble design. It does not have a mirror but the size makes it ideal for travel.


These are pretty basic shades and I think they’d be great for a beginner or someone who loves neutrals! I know I’ll get a ton use out of this, as I prefer neutrals on a day to day basis.  This the first time I have played with PUR shadows and I’m pretty impressed. The shimmers felt amazing and I’d like to get my hands on a few others.

If you don’t subscribe to BoxyCharm and want to pick this up, it retails for $34 at Kohls or the PUR website.



Anti-Haul #5

Hey guys! I’m here with the 5th edition of my Anti-Haul series! This is in no way a bash at the brands mentioned! Many of these brands I love but these are products I wont be purchasing for one reason or another.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prims Palette $42

screenshot_20171002-0907331398705699.jpgAt first some of shades made me take another glance but I’d never reach for this! I can’t see myself doing a ton of looks with this palette and it would just catch dust! I’m really not into those yellow shades, they’ll look weird on my skin tone!

Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes $125 / $300

screenshot_20171002-0908511107700291.jpgI’ve never tried anything from Pat McGrath but I can tell you I’m not going to start with these! These will retail for $125 for 1 or $300 for all 3… Ummmm excuse me?!?! I don’t care how pigmented these shades are, for that much money these better be made of diamonds and unicorn farts. No thanks!

Luxie Beauty X Disney Jasmine Brush Set $95


Every fiber of my being wanted this brush set! The minute I saw it was announced and sneak peeks were being released, I told myself I would pick this up! That is until the saw the damn price tag! I can’t bring myself to pay $95 for 6 brushes. No matter how bad I want this, I just can’t do it!! I’ll be over here crying a little bit inside.

LauraLee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas Palette $40

screenshot_20171002-091206570092769.jpgThis palette seems a little too basic for me to drop $40 on and I haven’t been overly impressed by the swatches I’ve seen so far. These look similar to shades I already have in my collection, so I don’t need to buy another palette I don’t need! I know everyone is going to lose their shit over this but my feelings are just neutral when it comes to Laura Lee, I watch her channel sometimes but I’m not a big enough fan to justify the purchase over that alone. There’s no room for another blah palette in my collection!

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette $62


I’m a big fan of Kat Von D. I own a ton of her products and I love everything I own. This palette just looks overwhelming to me. I will never wear the bottom right 6 shades, I’m not a bright colorful eyeshadow kind of girl! There also looks to be 3 white/ cream shades that appear to be VERY similar and I find this such a waste of space. I absolutely love the packaging but I would not get enough use out of this to justify the $62 price tag!

What products are you anti-hailing?!

Fall Wish List 2017

Hey guys! How’s it going?! I wanted to share my current wish list that includes makeup, skincare, nails, and a makeup bag!

20171002_144601284364969.pngFirst up, lets talk about this GORGEOUS makeup bag! The Dark Rainbow collection is gorgeous!! I don’t really NEED a makeup bad…. but I sure do want a piece from the collection. The black holo/ glitter speaks to me!


Lets be real here – I have an entire draw dedicated to my highlight collection and I sure as hell don’t need another! However,  the Laura Mercier LE L’Amour collection is stunning! I mean – LOOK HOW FREAKING BEAUTIFUL THIS IS!!! I need to find better swatches and I’m waiting to see reviews because I’m not sure how great it would look on skin.

If you follow me on Intagram (if you don’t you should! @almayerich), then you know I love the polishes from ILNP. I have 4 currently in my collection and I’m dying over these two beautiful shades in Dinner Party and Close Knit. If you’d like to see a review of the polishes, let me know! I’ve had my current shade on for two weeks now with no chipping just major nail growth! And I’m pretty rough on my hands!


The new Tartelette Toasted had me doing double and triple takes! I have yet to pick up a Tartelette Palette but this might be the one for me! I don’t need another warm palette or do I? hmmm


Have you laid your eyes on the new Hour Glass Confession Lipsticks?! These look so luxurious and classy. I’m dying to get my hands on one and what better way then to grab a set?! I’m just over here drooling.


I’ve had my eye on the Philosophy Pore Extractor Mask for some time now. I’ve read great reviews and I’m dying to try it out. I know I need my pores extracted! At $35 for 2.5oz this better take every blackhead and spec of dirt out of my face!


I love Peter Thomas Roth but I’ve only tried a few products. I’ve been dying to try this set for over a year now but every time I go to buy it, its out of stock! Hopefully after my no buy I can grab one! Unless I can consider this an essential skin care product which would exclude it from my no buy… hmmmmm….

Last but certainly not least is the Morphe 35O2. You all know how much I LOVE Morphe so of course I want to get my hands on this palette that drops the 12th! In the above photo you can see it compared to the original which Jaclyn Hill showed on her SnapChat. They are similar but they are also different enough for me to justify the purchase. Do I need ANOTHER warm palette…. probably not. Did I just buy the Jaclyn Hill collab…. Guilty.  You just can’t beat the pigmentation and price point!!!

I’d love to know what’s on your wish list! Don’t forget if you want to see a review on ILNP nail polishes let me know!






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