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Affordable Palette Collection

Hey guys! I wanted to do a palette collection for you but I’m going to break it up into parts by category because my collection is so large. All of these palettes were under $25.

Today we’re covering my affordable palettes. I only have one drug store palette so I’m including that one in this category as well.


First up is the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette. I think the palette is very reasonably priced at $14. The shadows and highlights are good quality and I get a lot of use out of it.

The Wet’n Wild Comfort Zone palette is a must for any collection. These shades are gorgeous and pigmented. It might very well be the best $4.99 you spend on an eyeshadow palette.

The Colour Pop One of a Kind Duo that was released for Valentines Day is still one of my favorites. At $10 for the duo the pigment these guys have is off the charts. They’re creamy and blendable, and are the sole reason I want to grow my pressed shadow collection.


Next up are my Morphe palettes. One day I’ll get around to doing my entire Morphe collection – I have single shadows, pigments, brushes, lashes, etc- One day friends, one day!

The 35W is full of you guessed it, warm bronzes, peaches, and plums. I love a bonze look so for $22 this is absolutely worth it in my book!

The Kathleen Lights palette is one of my favorite palettes! It was only $14 and in my opinion worth every cent. I get a ton of use out of this palette and I love the shades she chose!

The 35O doesn’t need an introduction. It took me a while to get my hands on this guy and it was worth the wait. This palette was also $22 and I reach for this palette all the time!

The 35T was my first introduction to Morphe. After I picked up this palette I knew I had to have more. It’s a palette full of taupe’s and bronze’s which of course is right up my alley.

The Morphe 35R, 35F, and 25A are all on my want list!

That does it for my more affordable palettes! If you have any suggestions for great quality palettes for a reasonable price and are in the warm neutral, bronzey, taupe categories let me know!!

Three Beauty Tips

Hi all. How’s it going? Today I wanted to share three beauty tricks/ I’ve been doing these for a while and I thought it was time I share them with you!

  1. Apply hair oil to the ends of your hair. I generally use argan oil or macadamia oil from Hask or Josie Maran but other brands offer them as well. This helps keep ends hydrated and minimizes breakage and split ends. This is one thing that has made a big difference in my hair.
  2. Exfoliate and heavily moisturize before self tanning. I know I’m not the only one who has just slapped self tanner on and hoped for the best! I know exfoliate and heavily moisturize the night before I plan on self tanning. I even moisturize my elbows and knees just prior so they don’t turn orange. Then I apply self tanner with mitt and use a large dense brush to help even things out. My tan has been looking great!
  3. Apply matching eyeshadow over eyeliner. I can’t be the only one who wants an incredibly black liner that lasts all day without smudging or running. I want my wing to stay sharp and in place. I started using incredibly pigmented black shadow over pencil and gel liner to keep it in place and intensify the look. Its been working like a charm!

If you have any tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments!

Mini Sephora Haul

Hi all! How’s it going?

Recently I placed a small Sephora order mainly to get my hands on a few of the Formula X polishes that came back in stock for $2. I’m assuming this was inventory that had found in a warehouse and needed to rid of. These polishes can be hit or miss depending on the formula but for two bucks I decided to grab a bunch of them!

How beautiful is that pink with a blue shift and the green with a gold shift!? I wore the purple, which is a matte formula and it chipped within a day. I find I have the most problems with the matte formula. I also wore the pink with a blue shift and it lasted about 4 days which is average. I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures!


I also grabbed the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Balancing  Essence Water Mist. I had been wanting to try it and it was on sale for $14. And well… I’m obsessed. I’ve had this less then a week and its half gone! I think I’ve sprayed it on every body part. Its so refreshing.

Claims directly from the PTR website:

“Alcohol-free balancing essence water mist helps detoxify, refresh, soften and hydrate the look of skin with a lightweight veil of hydration at home or on the go. Hyaluronic Acid helps improve hydration by attracting and retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the air, while Chamomile helps calm and soothe the skin’s appearance. Perfect for refreshing hydration throughout the day, or over makeup for a dewy, hydrated and radiant finish.”

It absolutely does what it is supposed to. My skin feels so hydrated and my redness is greatly reduced after using this. I’m in love. It also comes with 4 sheet masks you can submerge and use as a more intense hydration treatment! I haven’t tried this yet, but I like the idea.


According to the reviews on Sephora not many people were a fan of the spray nozzle and I can understand why. Its bit of a super soaker but you just need to hold it further away from your face.  I definitely would suggest using it over makeup – I have other facial or setting sprays that are better suited for that.

I quickly ordered a backup two days after I received this one.

Currently this is sold out on the Sephora website and it doesn’t look like the product is listed at all on the website now. However you can still find it at,, and I’m unsure why Sephora discounted the product and why they may not be selling it any longer but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Maybe they’ll update the packaging with a better nozzle.

Did you grab any of the Formula X polishes? Have you tried the PTR Cucumber Detox Mist?

Anti Haul #3

Its been a while since I’ve done an Anti Haul and they seem to be coming more popular so I figured I’d do a 3rd edition.  With all the crazy product releases there’s a lot to talk about. I’m probably going to get some heat for a couple of these so lets jump right into the fire!

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette

Screenshot_20170620-110508Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, let me explain why I won’t be picking up this palette. First, the price tag is $38, I know Jaclyn explained why in her recent YouTube video (and yes I watched it) but I don’t think it should be almost double the price of other Morphe palettes. With shipping this palette is going to cost almost $50 without a discount code – NO THANK YOU.  I don’t want to buy a Morphe palette for $38 just because it has Jaclyn’s name on it. I’d rather go for the 35R or 35F for $22 (or cheaper with a discount code). Just from looking at the palette I’m not going to use half of the shadows in the 4th row and none of the shadows in the 5th row. I definitely don’t want to spend the money on something I’m not going to completely love and get a ton of use out of. Honestly, I was so excited for this palette to drop until I saw the shades and the price. It’s just not my cup of tea with those pops of color and some of the pink tones.

I give Jaclyn a ton of credit for being heavily involved with the palette and making it hers. I hope the launch goes well and everyone who wants one gets one but this just isn’t for me!

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette


This palette has been all over YouTube and influencers are raving about it. However, for $129, I will absolutely not be picking this up. I love warm toned shadows but I’m not about to pay that much for 15 shades. To put it in perspective I can pick up 15 Colour Pop pressed shadows for $75 or 15 Morphe stardard shadows for $35. Both of these brands have amazing quality shadows! Lets not forget about other brands such as Makeup Geek, MAC, Coastal Scents, etc. who have really great alternatives for a cheaper price. I don’t care if its cheaper per gram to buy this palette – I’m never going to completely use the entire palette.

I’ve also heard mixed reviews on these palettes. I’ve heard the mattes can be patchy and the shimmers can be chunky but I’ve also heard how nice and pigmented these are. Either way, I will not be picking up one of these palettes!

Urban Decay Naked Heat


This palette has been everywhere. Everyone loses their damn shit when Urban Decay releases a new naked palette. I don’t own a single UD Naked Palette. None of them do a thing for me. I own three UD palette’s and I hardly ever reach for them. They’re not the best shadows I have ever used and are just ordinary, run of the mill shadows. They work and do their job but I don’t think they’re anything special. I have many shades similar to this in other palettes. If I want a warm eye look, I’ll put out my Morphe 35O. 

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette


Just no. I don’t want a palette full of glitter. I especially don’t want a palette full of pastel glitter. Have I mentioned I’m over the unicorn/ pastel train? Can we move on now? Thanks.

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette


I love Kat Von D and I’ve been milling over this palette for sometime now but I decided this was a no go for me. There are so many shades I’ll never use. There looks to be 4 different variations of white, which I’ll never use, as well as yellows, blue, bright shimmery orange. I wouldn’t get enough use out of this to justify the purchase. Sigh.

Tarte Face Shaping Palette


It was a good concept, however, they should have done a version for lighter skin and a version for darker skin. I’ll never use the darkest bronzer or highlighter, yes I can use them as eye shadows but that’s just wasteful. I have contour palettes and I have a ton of eye shadow palettes….. this just doesn’t make sense for me. For a professional makeup artist? Sure. This is probably something great to have but for us ordinary makeup lovers its not realistic.

Maybelline Master Fairy Highlight


Am I the only one tired of the unicorn/ fairy/ rainbow highlight phase? Can we find a new ridiculous trend? I LOVE a good highlight and I like a good holographic highlight but rainbow? No. I can’t even think of an appropriate time to wear a rainbow highlight. You could tell me I could wear them individually, ok, come over to my house with a tiny highlight brush and make that blue look good on my skin before I have to leave for work at 6am. Please and thank you.

Are you picking up any of these? Do you agree or disagree with any of these? I’d love to hear your feed back on why or why not you may be picking any of these up! I’d also love to know what else you’re anti-hauling!







Stanley Cup Champs!

I know you may or may not have been wondering where I’ve been. Well I’ve been catching up on sleep from staying up to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins play in the Stanley Cup Finals. What is the Stanley Cup you ask? Its the Championship Trophy in the National Hockey League and my home team – the Pittsburgh Penguins- and defending champs made it to the finals again. They overcame injuries to major players and stuck with it to win again this years. We even had 3 players play with broken bones just to win the cup! Hockey players are absolutely some of the toughest athletes out there and the Stanley Cup is one of the hardest championships to win!

For game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, against the Nashville Predators, the Pens played in Nashville. A local radio held a watch party in Pittsburgh in the Pens arena and it was SOLD OUT – Over 18,000 were in attendance!!!  They even put up a giant screen outside to accommodate another thousand fans! We take our sports seriously in Pittsburgh – We sell out arena’s just to watch games with other fans! Plus all of the proceeds went to charity.

It was an absolute blast and of course winning the cup made it even better. I’ve never felt so much energy in one place before. It was incredible and the closest I’ll probably ever get to attending a real championship game. My husband and I went with friends which made the experience even better!

Three days after the game there was a victory parade in downtown Pittsburgh where over 650,000 people attended! Unfortunately I was unable to go but maybe next year!

You can always follow me on Instagram/ Snapchat/ Facebook to keep up with all the shenanigans! My username is almayerich on all social media platforms!


2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six


3 Year Blogging Anniversary!

Holy crap!!! Its been 3 years! I don’t know where the time has gone but I feel like its been a lot longer! Thanks for sticking with me through these 3 years! I definitely plan on blogging for another 3 (and hopefully longer).


ColourPop – Oops I Did it Two More Times

Guys – It happened again. Not once but TWICE. I made two more orders to ColourPop. Things got a little out of hand in May and I refuse to even give the side eye to ColourPop. Everything is just so pretty and reasonably priced – HOW CAN I SAY NO?!?! This is a real problem.


So this time I made my first order on a Friday to grab a brow pencil, a gel linter, and another pressed shadow because I wanted the 3rd Birthday Super Shock Shadow.  Saturday ColourPop released the tie dye collection and the magnetic palettes were back in stock. IT WAS ALL OVER. I placed another order for the palette and the super shock tie dye shadow.


I love the brow pencil in black & brown for filling in my brows. While it is a little creamy to create “hairs”, I find that it fills them in and I can go in with a different product to create those “hairs” at the beginning of my brow. This is also good for getting a precise tail.

The gel liner in swerve is nice and black and doesn’t move! It stays put and doesn’t fade. Plus its easy to use. I even apply a bit to an angled brush to get a nice wing.

I am in love with the new tie dye Super Shock Shadow in Utopia. Its a gorgeous peachy shade with a pink reflect. Its absolutely stunning!! The swatch does not do it justice! I’ve worn it a good 3 times now and I’m already regretting not purchasing two.

I grabbed a 4th pressed shadow in the shade high strung which is a metallic dusty rose. Its absolutely stunning! These shadows are so creamy and pigmented! I can’t wait to pick up more shades to fill the palette.

The palette seems nice and sturdy but compact and nice to travel with. It only holds 12 shadows but $7 is a steal for a magnetic palette. Morphe has a similar sized palette for $6.99 which hold 15 shadows. The only downside to this palette is that its white…. so It will probably get dirty pretty quickly.  I immediately transferred my other ColourPop pressed shadows to this palette and freed some room in my Morphe palette for other shadow!

For ColourPop’s 3rd Birthday anyone who made a $10 purchase would receive the Birthday Cake Super Shock Shadow for free. This shadow is described as a beige pink with silver, pink, and gold glitter. It is VERY glittery but the shadow looks more wet on the eyes than it does glittery. It’s very pretty but doesn’t even compare to last years Birthday Boy!


The combined total cost of both orders was only $27 which included two free birthday shadows and free shipping.  Not too shabby!

I now need to fill this palette with more ColourPop pressed powders, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Mini Drug Store Haul

Its rare for me to buy drugstore make up in store. I always prefer to purchase it online but I was running errands this weekend decided to drop by the cosmetics section when I was in Walmart.

I actually wanted to purchase a few more items than what I ended up grabbing but you know what…. almost every single item was open….. That’s my pet peeve!! If someone opens an item… everyone else needs to swatch that same item instead of opening up every single blush or highlight or lipstick… absolutely disgusting. I don’t want to buy a lipstick someone else has already applied directly to their lips – I don’t know you. You might have cooties! Just like you don’t know me, so I’m not going to leave my own filth for anyone else. I understand we all want to test products before we buy them but don’t open EVERY SINGLE ITEM… UGH. This is why I can’t purchase drugstore items in store.


Luckily, I managed to find a couple lipsticks and a highlight hiding that were unopened and on my mental list of things to try.



L’Oreal Infallible Paints Lipstick – Taupeless

Wet’n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick – Rebel Rose

Wet’n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick – Berry Recognize

Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – 100

Wet’n Wild Gel Lip Liner – Never Petal Down


I actually really like all of the products I picked up. The infallible lipstick doesn’t last through eating or drinking but it is highly pigmented and goes on smooth. I really love how intense the color is. I haven’t worn the Wet’n Wild lip liner yet but it swatched nicely and went on so smooth.  The Maybelline highlight is absolutely stunning! Its an intense gold highlight. It is a bit much on my pale skin but when I’m self tanned it looks stunning.  Its so finely milled it and soft. I really suggest this is you love a gold highlight.

The Wet’n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks definitely stole the show. I applied once…. yes ONCE… ate, drank, and worked all day ….. it didn’t move. Both shades didn’t budge and they didn’t dry out my lips. The second day when I was trying Rebel Rose, I did a touch of lip balm to the center of my lips to test how it would work with the lipstick. The lipstick still didn’t move and the Vaseline lip therapy butter sunk into my lips no problem. Absolutely impressed with these. Do yourself a favor and spend the $4.99!

Have you tried anything new from the drug store? If you have any suggestions let me know! In the second picture I’m actually wearing all drugstore products, so let me know if you’d like a break down of everything I’m wearing!




Current Favorites

Hey guys! I wanted to do an update on my current favorites. These are the products I have been loving and using pretty much every day.


  1. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer – I’ve been going for a more natural brow lately, rather than an intense Instagram brow, and this has been perfect.
  2. Tarte Close Up Lash Liner – I’ve been using this liner just about every day. While it may not be as intense of a black liner, it goes on smooth and lasts all day through work. If I really want an intense black wing, I go over it with black eyeshadow. This liner is quick an easy to apply when I’m quickly getting ready for work in the morning.
  3. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light – I am obsessed with this bronzer. The light shade is PERFECT for my very fair skin. When I’m self tanned I use the regular shade and its still perfect. This bronzer goes on smooth and blends nicely. It doesn’t get patchy and lasts all day. Plus it doesn’t make me look orange!
  4. Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray – I’m always an oily mess and this really helps keep everything in place. I notice a huge difference when I don’t use setting spray. Now that its starting to get warm and humid I can’t go without this stuff.
  5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer – I absolutely love this concealer. I actually don’t know what I did before I started using it. I remember being so skeptical when I first purchased it but it blend like a dream and covers my dark circles. The best part is that it doesn’t get cakey or sink into my fine lines.
  6. Smahbox Photo Finish Primer – I love this primer. It fills in my pores and helps my makeup glide over my skin seamlessly. I’ve used a lot of primers and I still have a drawer full but this is one I reach for time and time again.
  7. Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb – I’ve really been trying to take better care of my skin and I’ve been hunting for products that will work well with my oily skin. Once I found this I haven’t turned back! A moisturizer for oily skin! Plus it helps minimize pores? SIGN ME UP. This never leaves me feeling greasy and it absorbs nicely into the skin. It never leaves a residue and is cooling when first applied. I really love this stuff!
  8. Not Your Mother Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo – I always drift away from this shampoo and try other brands but I always come back to this. Its affordable and does a great job of soaking up my oils. I started using dry shampoo two years ago instead of washing my hair every day and its made the biggest difference in my hair. Its much healthier, its shinier and I don’t get nearly as many split ends or have as much breakage.

What are some of your favorite products? Do you have any suggestions? If you have oily skin, I’d love to know what works for you! I’m always on the hunt for new products.

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