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Makeup Revolution Highlighters

Hi all! Today I wanted to share some affordable highlights from Makeup Revolution. I love a good highlight and I love them even more when they are affordable with great payoff.


First up is the Triple Baked Highlighter in Goddess of Faith. The packing is just ok. Its in a flimsy plastic container that falls right out of the cardboard heart. However, the product inside makes up for the crap packaging.

The highlight is an intense light champagne shade and holy crap is it pigmented! Its a bit powdery to the touch but it comes off nicely on the cheek. It also lasts for a good 4-6 hours before slightly wearing. This highlight retails for $7 on the Ulta website and for the price point I would recommend this to anyone looking for some thing affordable. I would also say this is more for light to medium skin tones. Two other shades are offered as well.


Next up is the Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant. This packaging is much sturdier and I prefer it over the packaging the triple baked highlighter is in. I also love when the lid is clear so I can easily see the shade when digging through my highlights.

You can either swirl these together or use the strips individually. I generally swirl them together to get the gorgeous gold highlight shown in the swatch. This applies nicely and nice and soft to the touch. Its not chunky or chalky feeling. This is also $7 at Ulta and I would recommend this over the baked highlight. Any skin tone can wear this and mix and match strips that work for them.

Have you tried either of these? Do you prefer one over the other?

Viseart Petit Pro Palette Review

Hello beauties!

I was going to do a big collective haul post featuring some of the recent purchases I’ve made but since many of the products I picked up aren’t that interesting and are repurchases, I scraped that.


Today I want to talk about the Viseart Petit Pro Palette. I could never justify spending $80 on a full sized palette without every getting swatch it or test it. That price is just a little insane to me but when I saw Viseart was releasing a mini palette for $30 I knew I had to get my hands on it to test out the shadows and really see what everyone is raving about it.

First, I want to discuss the size of this palette. A lot of reviews on this complain about how tiny it is – comparable to the size of a credit card. Each shadow is .026oz which is the exact same amount of product you get in the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette.


As you can see above the shadows are the exact same size. While the Smashbox palette is $5 cheaper, the quality of the Viseart palette makes up for difference (we’ll get into the formula in just in a minute). The Smashb0x palette is much thinner than the Viseart but I also wouldn’t consider the packaging bulky either. Personally these are the size palettes I love for traveling. You won’t find me lugging around a 35 pan Morphe palette in my carry on! 20170307_082216.jpg


I don’t think I’ve ever felt such smooth eyeshadows. The shadows are so finally milled and creamy to the touch that “buttery” doesn’t even describe how soft they feel. These shadows are also incredibly pigmented! While that can be scary for some people, these shadows really blend like a dream. For the first look I created with this palette I used the 2nd shade on the top row to blend into my crease. I used the smallest amount and it took almost no effort to blend out. It was the fastest I have ever blending a shadow into my crease. I was amazed that they blended and didn’t lose pigment or blend into nothing. I used the 1st shimmer on the bottom row on my lid and while it did have a tiny bit of glitter in it, it blended smoothly and I didn’t get glitter fallout all over my face. I was shocked that the glitter actually stayed on my eye and didn’t end up on my face. (The lightest shade is also the only one to have a small amount of glitter in it. )

These photos don’t do the shadows justice. This look took maybe 2 minutes to put on and I don’t think I’ve ever put so little effort into applying eyeshadow. With all of that said, these do kick up a tiny bit of product when you dip your brush in. However, there is no fall out when applied on the eyes. The look lasted all day with no creasing or fading! I didn’t even use an eye shadow primer.

Overall these shadows are amazing and I am so happy I picked them up. Viseart offer’s their full size palettes for $80 and their Theory palletes for $45. I know they have a hefty price tag but you absolutely can’t beat the quality!

I highly suggest the petit pro if you don’t want to fork out the $80 for a large palette. I honestly only see myself picking up a full size palette with a gift card (or as a present to myself for my upcoming 30th birthday). I may snag a Theory palette but I hope Viseart releases more petit palettes in the future! I would definitely grab it for the $30 price tag.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Viseart and how it performed for you! I’ll be here drooling over this palette.

March 2017 Wish List


Hey beauties! Since I’ve placed myself on a no-buy for the foreseeable future (my shopping has gotten a little out of hand the past few weeks), I thought I’d share my current Wish List.


  1. Milani Make It Last Setting Spray – I love setting sprays and facial sprays in general. I’m always looking for a good alternative my holy grail Urban Decay De-Slick.
  2. Wet’n Wild Photo Focus Foundation and Face Powder – I’m always on the hunt for a good foundation that’s friendly with oily skin and I’ve heard rave reviews on these!
  3. Morphe Liquid Lipsticks – I’ve had my eye on these since they were released. I love liquid lipsticks and I’m hoping to grab a few on my upcoming trip to LA.
  4. Tarte Everyday Tartiest Color Collection – I’ve been wanting to try the eyeliner and mascara for ages now, plus I love Tarte blush so this seems like a great way to get a little of everything. Plus, the packaging! 20170307_130106.png
  5. Becca Suncaster Palette – I had no idea this was releasing until I saw a random Instagram post saying this palette was live on the Ulta website. I love Becca blushes and highlights, so naturally this is on my list. I’m curious to see swatches of the bronzer before picking it up though!
  6. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask – I’ve been testing out this mask and a few others recently. Its safe to say I’m obsessed and I’m dying to have the full size!
  7. MAC Solar Glow Times Nine Palette – This looks like a perfect neutral palette! You know I can’t pass up a good neutral palette!
  8. GlamGlow Glowsetter Setting Spray – I love setting sprays, its a problem – ok?
  9. Wet’n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick – These look amazing and I’m dying to try a couple shades!
  10. Casey Holmes x Smashbox Spotlight Palette – I love highlights and I love Casey’s video’s – I’ve been watching her for years now! The pearl palette just calls to me!


I know this was a huge list but there is so much makeup coming out right now! Its so hard to not want everything. What’s on Wish List? Have you picked up any of these? If so, please let me know!!



Sephora Favorites Extravagant Eyes

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a set I picked up from Sephora last week. I’ve had my eye on this for sometime now but for whatever reason I never ordered it. I was searching the website for a good waterproof eyeliner and I remembered I had really good luck with the Sephora brand liner. I remembered it was in this set as well as the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Plum, which I had been eyeing after receiving one of them in a recent Sephora Play box. So I caved and purchased the set.

The set is $42 and has a $134 value. Plus it contains 4….YES FOUR… full sized products. That’s a freaking steal in my book!


This set contains:
Huda Beauty Lashes in Samantha #7  Full Size – $20
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Plum Full Size – $29
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara in Blacquer Deluxe Size
Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Silent Disco Deluxe Size
NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia Full Size $29
Sephora Collection Waterproof Contour Eye Pencil in Black Lace  Deluxe Size
Smashbox Cosmetics 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer Deluxe Size
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy  Full Size $20

The full size products alone are worth $98 if purchases individually!!

L to R: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Plum & Milk Pigment in Silent Disco


Nars Dual Intensity in Himilia

L to R: Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner in Black lace & Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy

I can absolutely say I will put everything in this kit to good use. I may be really shitty at putting on lashes but these are too gorgeous to let sit in the package! The glitter liner will look great in the inner corner or to just add a little glitter. No I won’t use this every day but I definitely want to play around with it. I’ve already tried the Nars shadow and I absolutely love it, its even prettier when applied with Fix+. The caviar stick is amazing! It doesn’t budge, its easy to blend out, and shadows apply beautifully on top. The Marc Jacobs mascara made my lashes very feathery and it didn’t feel heavy on my lashes. I have pretty long lashes, so I generally don’t like a heavy wet formula.


If you were debating on grabbing this, you absolutely should! I love Sephora sets and this one is an absolute bargain. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if you plan to pick this up!

Brow on the Go

Hey all!

Around the end of December I picked one of the Sweet & Shimmer Brow on the Go palettes on clearance at Ulta for $1. This brand is normally one Ulta offer’s in their 5 for $5 or 5 for $10 sale. I wasn’t expecting much but I decided to pick it up regardless. I figured its only a dollar and its just a brow powder I was going to use to darken the tail of my brow….so why not give it a go.

This brow palette contains 3 shades: Brunette, Black, and Auburn. All 3 are decently but not overly pigmented and have more of a waxy feel rather than a powder feel to them, which I actually like.

I’m actually really surprised how well this performed. I generally just quickly fill in my brows with a pencil (or pomade if I want a more dramatic look) but b/c my hair is so dark right now I’ve been using this to help darken them a up a bit. It does a really good job of darkening my brows and the waxy texture helps keep the ends in place when I forget to apply a brow gel.

If you are someone you generally likes to use a powder to fill in your brows, you might like this. I don’t think this is a must to pick up, but its a pretty good buy for a buck. If I see them in the clearance section or they come back next year, I’ll probably pick up a few more.

Have you tried this? Are there other brow powders you love? Let me know!

Becca Prismatic Amethyst

I’m sure you’ve all see this gorgeous highlight all over Instagram. I’ve been drooling over it since pictures were released, so as soon as I got the email from Sephora that it was available for VIB & VIB Rouge I jumped and immediately purchased it without thinking twice.

Even though holographic/ iridescent/ duo chrome makeup isn’t something I can wear every day, for whatever reason – I am obsessed with it. I can’t get enough.

This beautiful highlight is in a gorgeous lavender compact and comes in a holographic box


Don’t let the heavy swatch fool you though. Once blended into the skin, this lavender duo-chrome highlight is actually very wearable with its soft light gold to lavender shift. Its sheer but can easily be built up. Its not over the top and lasted through a night out with friends (approximately 7 hours of wear time). This silky powder is on par with the other highlights in Becca’s collection.

If purple holographic highlights aren’t your thing, this would make a great lip/ eye shadow topper as well! Or you can mix it in with another highlight like Becca’s Moonstone to down play the effect.

If you are a fan of these types of highlights or just Becca in general, I highly suggest grabbing it!

Vanity Addition

Hey guys! Sorry its been so long. Work has been crazy busy ( I have to work to afford this makeup addiction haha) and we’ve had a lot going on over the weekend!

For Christmas my husband picked me up  drawers similar to the Ikea Alex drawers but these are from Amazon. We finally got it together but I still have a ton of organizing to do!


There are 7 drawers and while I wish there was a deeper drawer on the bottom everything actually fit.  The drawers are a mess since I’m not too sure how I want to organize everything and I absolutely need to pick up some drawer organizers so I can easily find things. Once everything is finished, I’ll give you a look inside how everything is organized. Although I definitely see another set of drawers in the near future – The palette drawer is already filled to the brim! I also need to get another mirror and an LED light. My little space in the office is slowly coming together!

Do you guys recommend certain organizers? Also, am I the only weirdo into skulls and Disney princesses?

I’d love to know how you’ve got your space set up! Send any tips my way!

Favorite Drug Store Highlighters

Hello beauts!

As many of you may know, I love highlighters. I love everything from a subtle glow to a see you from outer space disco ball highlight!


So today I wanted to share with you my favorite drugstore highlights. I’m not including ColourPop, Etsy,  highlights. These are all highlights I found in Ulta, Walmart, or other drugstores that you can purchase in store. I’ll cover my all time favorites and high end favorites in the near future. For now lets get started!

Essence Pure Nude may not look like much when swatched but when you put it on the skin it melts into your makeup and gives the most beautiful lit from within glow that is absolutely stunning. This beigy toned highlight is not powdery and is perfect for work or a minimal makeup day when you still want to have a little glow. This isn’t chunky or shimmery and is perfect for those who don’t like an intense highlight. This retails for $4.49 at Ulta which is an absolute steal!


The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Natural Nude pack a highlighting punch! You can wear individual strips or swirl them together depending on what shade of highlight you are looking for. From a light pink to a champagne to a bronzy shimmer, anyone can use this palette to achieve their ideal highlight. This highlight is buttery and pigmented, it is definitely for those who love a more intense shimmery highlight. I picked mine up for around $12 at Walmart. Physicians Formula is a pricier drugstore brand but you can always find buy one get one half off sales at the drugstore and Ulta!

The Elf Highlight in Moonlight Pearls is another subtle but beautiful highlight. I had been searching for this highlight for a while when it finally came in stock at so I had to grab it! I’ve seen quite a few reviews stating you need to scrape off the top layer of product to get the best color payoff but I have yet to do that. I don’t have a big issue with the current pigmentation and find it applies just fine for me. However, this isn’t my favorite formula bc it is a bit dryer (but its also a baked highlight), but you can’t beat the $2.99 price tag. I like that this is a little more subtle and I love the shade!

The Wet’nWild Precious Petals Highlighting Powder does not disappoint! The swatch speaks for its self but if you love an intense -in your face – highlight you need to get your hands on this! I know it was Limited Edition and may not be available in store but it is still available from the Wet’n Wild website! This is by far one of the best drug store highlighters! It is so incredibly pigmented and buttery! Its not chunky or glittery or overly shimmery – its just gorgeous! I picked this up from Walgreen’s for $4.99!

The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate is a gorgeous light gold that is another perfect subtle highlight. I’ve talked about this product before so its probably not shocking it made this list! Its very pigmented and buttery – It can be a bit powdery but it blends nicely into the skin. This really gives a glowy look without looking like you just have a strip of highlight on your face. This product is also huge! You can .56oz for $7. I have no idea how I’m going to use this much product!

Last but certainly not least is the Wet’n Wild Highlighting gold bar! This is an absolute stunner and by far my favorite on this list. I apologize if you can’t get your hands on it but if see you, grab it! It is the prettiest gold highlight I have ever seen a drug store brand release and its a shame they made this limited edition. Fear not I have a dupe!

The gold bar is pretty much an exact dupe for the Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Gilded Honey highlight. While it is $26 compared to $4.99, both are amazing quality. They are both incredibly intense and worth every penny. If you love a in tense gold highlight you absolutely need one of these! I can not recommend these enough.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for a great highlighter!




Lorac Pro 3

Hello all !! Happy Monday!

Shortly after Christmas I went on a small shopping binge at Ulta. I’ve had my eye on the Lorac Pro 3 for some time now and I thought it was the perfect time to finally add it to my collection.

I’ve read a lot of varying reviews on this palette and it seems like a lot of folks weren’t wow’d by the fact that its such a neutral palette….. but that’s exactly what drew me in! I love neutrals and this is such a simple palette yet you can make a variety of looks with this. This is actually my first Lorac Pro palette and when comparing the 3 of them, this one was much more my speed compared to the others. I knew I would get use out of every single shade in this palette. The other 2 palettes, not so much.


I have used this palette consistently over the past month! The only thing I have used instead is the Kathleen Lights and Morphe collab!  I’m absolutely obsessed! The shades are all buttery and pigmented except for medallion which is a little chunky and hard to pick up but that’s nothing a little MAC Fix+ doesn’t fix. Honestly I can deal with one shade not being up to par and I have no problem using Fix+. These apply so nicely with a brush and blend really well on the lid.


Just look at this pigmentation! (ignore the crazy shimmer all over my arm! I was doing a lot swatching!)  The black is BLACK! This is such a versatile (neutral) palette and I’m just in love. The biggest cons of this palette are the packaging and fall out – it gets so dirty so fast but other than that I find that its the standard cardboard packaging and it kicks up a bit of fall out. Enjoy the pretty clean palette while you can.

No the colors in this palette aren’t anything earth shattering but its exactly what I was looking for. If you are someone like me who loves a good neutral look then I highly suggest this palette.

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