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Anti Haul #4

Hi all! I figured I would return with another Anti Haul post. It seems like new products are continuously popping up, so this means there are plenty of items I won’t be hauling! Don’t worry, there are still a TON of products I’m still excited to get my hands on and those will come in a later post.

Lets get into it!

KKW Beauty

If you’ve been following me for some time now, this shouldn’t be a surprise. I won’t buy anything from Kylie’s line, so I certainly won’t be buying any thing from Kim’s. Plus cream contour sticks with VERY little product in them don’t entice me a bit. Each side of the stick has .032oz of product – Um excuse me? And you want to pay $48 for this?! That’s a big fat NO THANK YOU.


Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette

This coming holiday season Too Faced is releasing a follow up to the White Chocolate Chip Palette they released last year. The mini palette was a big flop so I’m not exactly excited to see a full size version released. The shades don’t excite me and overall I find it very underwhelming. I’ll be interested to see exactly how these swatch and perform. The original Chocolate Bar Palette retails for $49, so I’m guessing this will run you the same.


Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighter Palette in Solstice

I love highlighters and I consider myself a highlighter junkie; however,  I’m just not interested in this palette. They look gorgeous and pigmented but these would not go with my skin tone. Plus when am I EVER going to wear an extremely purple highlight? I love the Becca prismatic highlight because  its not an in your face purple, just a gorgeous subtle shift. This is a little too over the top for my taste.  If this is your cup of tea, you can grab this for $45.


Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

I’m sure you’ve seen this one all over Instagram. This is the beauty oil influencers are dripping down their faces – and I’m not interested one bit! I have facial oils – I personally love the Josie Maran Argan Oil and I use it on my hair/ face/ nails/ etc as well as add it into cream products that may be starting to dry out. However, I do not need flecks of 24K gold added into the product.  Dripping fancy facial oil down my face does nothing but create a mess – so no thanks. If this is something you’re into you can pick it up for $54 or grab the mini for $35.


Benefit Beauty Stowaway Influencer Must Have Kit

Benefit released a Beauty Stowaways kit with 5 influencers. I really like a couple of these products but not enough to buy mini versions with influencers faces planted on the outer packaging. To me this is just a gimmick to get consumers to buy the set. The products in the set aren’t bad by any stretch of the means but its the presentation that turns me off. I’m not a fan of a few of these influencers, so I won’t be picking this up. I’ll opt for the full size or a different set. Also, all of the products are mini’s – not even travel size. If you love these influencers and the products they picked for the set you can grab this for $32.



That’s it for this edition of the Anti Haul. What products are you Anti Hauling? I’d love to find out!



I know I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now but I’m going to try my hardest to get content up.  Good content. The past month or so has been extremely busy. We’ve been on the go every weekend since mid-June. From 4th of July festivities, family reunions, my 30th birthday, and just spending time with family & friends I haven’t had much time to get content up. Due to being so busy, my anxiety has been at an all time high. This happens when I don’t have time to decompress. Its been work all week and run all weekend – This always ends up taking a toll on me. I’m someone who NEEDS to be alone to get back to normal. Its been so bad recently I’ve barely wanted to get out of bed and head to work, let alone get new content up.  Even with 7 or 8 hours of sleep I’m mentally exhausted. I feel so worn out I could sleep for a week.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get some content up this week! I have so much to share and so many new goodies WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT. I have a list of blog posts to get up and I want to give you quality content – and not half ass it bc of how I’m feeling.

Sorry again!

Sincerely, Me & My Anxiety


Stick Highlight Comparison

Hey guys! How’s it going? Today’s post is all about stick highlighters. At first I didn’t think I would be a big fan of anything in a stick form, especially highlighters – I preferred them in powder or liquid form. Part of this was because I didn’t think they would mesh well with my skin and the other part is due to well – lack of actually trying the products. After receiving a couple deluxe sizes in Sephora Play boxes I decided to buy a few others and give them a try.

Lets get on with it!


  1. Trestique Highlighting & Perfect Multipurpose Stick – Sample Size. Received in Sephora Play box. Full size $34
  2. Elf Highlighting Stick in Permission – Full Size $1
  3. Benefit Watts Up Highlighting Stick – Sample Size. Received in Sephora Play Box. Full Size $30
  4. Cover FX Enhance Click Highlighter in Bubbly – Full Size $18
  5. Jordana Glow’n Go Creamy Strobing Stick in Pearl Glow – Full Size $4.99
  6. 6. Wet’n Wild Megaglo Highlight Stick in When the Nude Strikes – Full Size $3.99

Originally I had purchased the Cover FX stick and wasn’t too thrilled bc of the size and it basically fell apart (I had to smush it back together…..) so I hadn’t planned on trying any other highlighting sticks. However, after receiving the Trestique and Benefit highlighters, I decided I wanted to purchase a few drug store brands and compare them.


Here’s what I discovered:

  1. Blinding Highlight: Trestique – So pretty!
  2. Subtle Highlight – Benefit – Great for every day!
  3. Easiest to Blend: Jordana – Over or under foundation its amazing.
  4. Creamiest Formula: Tie. Trestique / Jordana – so creamy!
  5. Favorite shade: Cover FX
  6. Driest formula: Cover FX – Remember it fell apart.
  7. Easiest to apply straight from the stick: Wet’n Wild (It’s the perfect size!)
  8. Worst application: Tie. ELF – too big to apply straight to the face/ Cover FX – nice on primed skin but after foundation is awful
  9. Least Favorite shade: ELF – It too pink than I like but looks better when I’m self tanned.
  10. Favorite to Layer powder on top of: Wet’n Wild – I love pairing one of the WnW powder highlights over it for a BAM in our face effect that lasts all day
  11. Most pigmented: Trestique – So pigmented! So pretty!
  12. Most likely to repurchase: Trestique/ Jordana/ Benefit
  13. Most likely to declutter: ELF
  14. Best for Lighter skin tones: Trestique/ Jordana/ Benefit
  15. Best for Light to medium skin tones: Cover FX/ Benefit
  16. Can also be used as a blush topper for lighter skin tones: ELF
  17. Easiest to build up: WnW/ Trestique


Trestique, ELF, Benefit, Cover FX, Jordana, Wet N Wild

All of these are great to layer over. I found that they all look great applied straight to the skin with foundation applied on top. While the Trestque and Jordana do the best out of the group applied on top of foundation, I found that the Cover FX stick moved my foundation around. Benefit is perfect for that every day lit from within glow. ELF is more of a blush topper for me. The Wet’n Wild highlight gives you that wet look that is so pretty in summer time!

My favorite out of the group is actually the Trestique.

Have you tired any of these? Do you regularly use stick highlights?

I know there are a few other brands that offer stick highlights so if you have any suggestions let me know!!!

Maybelline Influenster Vox Box

Hey guys! I just received the complimentary Maybelline New York Vox Box courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes. If you don’t know what Infuenster is, its a product discovery platform that lets consumers  discover and share knowledge on products through sampling and reviews. I have received several vox boxes in the past but this is the first one in probably over a year.


My box came with the Maybelline Master Strobe Lighting Liquid Illuminating Highlighter in Light 100 and the Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer in 40 Medium.


The concealer is a smidge too dark for me right now but after I get a bit tanner, this should work well. For testing purposes I mixed it with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Fair which is currently a little light for me, so I was able to get a good match. The concealer is very creamy and applies easily. The concealer combo blended nicely and covered my dark circles pretty well. I’ll be curious to try this on its own and see how brightening and long wearing it is. So far its pretty decent for a stick concealer, which normally isn’t my favorite.

The highlighter is gorgeous and absolutely shattered any of my expectations. First off once its sets – it doesn’t freaking budge so apply to one cheek bone at a time. It mixed well with my foundation and gave me an overall nice glow. It blended out nicely with my fingers as well as a morphe sponge. It doesn’t take much building to get a blinding highlight. I was impressed it didn’t budge and only slightly faded through the day.

Have any of you tried these products?

Colour Pop Crystal Collection

Another Colour Pop Haul?! I know, I know but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I love highlighters and setting sprays so it was inevitable.


Can we take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous crystal packaging?


The highlighters and setting sprays came in nice glass bottles and were packaged nicely in their boxes to avoid breaking.  I picked up an Aventurine Highlighter, Rose Quartz Highlighter, 2 Amethyst Priming Sprays, and a Aventurine Setting Spray. I’m already kicking myself for not grabbing another setting spray. I don’t have many priming sprays but I have a ton of setting sprays.

The setting sprays are $6 each and have 55mL of product, which isn’t a TON of product but is pretty decent. For comparison purposes the travel size Urban Decay setting sprays have 30mL’s and the full size has 119mL’s. For someone who loves facial sprays/ priming/ setting sprays I see myself going through these quickly. I picked the two (Amethyst & Aventurine) for oily skin and they did a pretty good at keeping my makeup in place and I didn’t get too oily. Plus they smell like cucumbers, which I find very refreshing.

The highlighters are $9 each and have 25mL of product, which is actually a lot of product! For comparison the CoverFX Custom Enhancement Drops have 15mL’s. These mixed in with foundation beautifully and didn’t break up any of the foundations I tried with it (L’Oreal Pro Matte, Kat Von D Lock It, Cover Girl Matte BB Cream, LA Girl BB Cream, and the IT Cosmetics CC cream). This is also really gorgeous blended out on the skin. I’ve use a morphe sponge as well as my fingers. The product is much thinner that I expected but I think that helps in blending. These also make a great base to intensify a powder highlight. I also find 1 pump is PLENTY. I could actually use a half pump and still have a ton of product. On their own they are beautiful but won’t give you that crazy intense highlight unless you really layer it – I have oily skin so that would probably end badly for me but if you have normal to dry skin give it a try!

L: Aventurine R: Rose Quartz

Aventurine is a gorgeous gold (it looks like it has a green shift but those are just my veins under the swatch lol!) and Rose Quartz is a very pretty Rose Gold that I find has a slight silver shift to it.

I love the pressed shadows and I decided I needed to grab a few mattes to pair with the shimmers I had already picked up. Beach Blanket is a  matte golden tan and matte warm sand. Both pair great with the other shades I picked up. These are very pigments and blend like butter! Probably some of the best mattes in my collection.  These were on sale for $4 when I made my purchase.

Last but certainly not least is the absolutely stunning Super Shock Shadow in Snakebite. Its a metallic warm copper that are what my summer dreams are made of. This is absolutely stunning and I feel like I already need a backup! Super Shock Shadows are $5 which is a steal for how amazing they are.

Whoops I almost forgot to include a polish I grabbed. I didn’t purchase this in my original purchase with the crystal collection but I decided to grab one to test the formula. I picked Dust a Dream which is a pastel mint green. It comes off more blue in the picture but I promise its a mint green (weird office lighting). I’ve had this polish on for 5 days now and they show very minimal wear. I’ve gone to gym, cooked, cleaned, applied makeup, and worked – heavy key board usage, and played with my pets. I’m really hard on my hands and this polish has stayed in place. I’m actually really impressed and plan to pick up another shade. This was $6 and totally worth the price.

If you haven’t tried anything from Colour Pop yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! This brand is cruelty free, affordable, and overall just amazing. I highly suggest this brand and most of their products.

Did you grab anything from the crystal collection?

Review – Makeup From Sally’s Beauty

Hey all! How’s everything? Last week I went to Sally’s beauty to grab some hair dye (I prefer to mix my own rather than buy a box dye) when a light bulb came on! I thought it would be a great idea to grab some makeup from Sally’s and review it for my blog. Most of the brands offered I had never heard of but the prices seemed to line up with brands from the drugstore. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into but at least I didn’t spend on lot on this. Most of the products I grabbed were on clearance – bc why not save some money on products I may end up hating.


I grabbed 5 products from three different brands – Real Colors, Femme Couture, and Bitzy. So lets get into the reviews and swatches!

First up is the Real Colors Stay Glowing Long Wear Bronzer in Malibu glow. This was the only shade my Sally’s had in stock and its fairly light as you can see from the swatch. Surprisingly this was incredibly creamy to the touch and didn’t kick up any powder. This applied to nicely to face and blended out easily.  Its a very neutral shade and I think it would be great for fair and light skin tones.  It lasted me most of my work day as well. It was faded come 3pm but that’s expected when my makeup is finished by 530 in the morning. The packaging is pretty cheap but its what’s in side that matters. Overall, I’m impressed!

Of course I had to grab a highlight when I it sitting right next to the bronzer. The Real Colors Stay Glowing Long Wear Highlight (shade unknown) looked like it was going to have chunks of shimmer but I grabbed it anyway – bc HIGHLIGHT. So when I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised that its not chunky or glittery. Its very pigmented and not nearly as creamy as the bronzer but it’s also not overly dry. Its quite nice and again no kick up! Its a very pretty light gold suited for light or medium skin tones. I’ve worn this on its own and layered on top of a liquid highlight and its beautiful both ways. This can be applied lightly for a subtle glow or built up to an intense blinding highlight. It wears pretty decently as well. This also comes in the same cheap packaging as the bronzer but I can look past that! Again, this brand has impressed me!

The Femme Couture Moon Glow Shimmer Stick in Rose Glow impressed me the least. While its pretty pigmented and creamy, it NEVER dried down. I have not worn this on my lids yet because I already know this wont last even with a primer (I have really oily skin!). It’ll slide all over and crease like crazy. I MIGHT be able to get away with this as an inner corner highlight or pack a similar shadow on top for an extra oomph but definitely not alone.

The Bitzy Mechanical Eyeliner in Black was in a display right by the checkout and for the price ($1.50) I figured why not test it. Its not as black as I prefer my eyeliners to be but I can go over the liner with black eyeshadow to deepen the shade.  This applies really nicely to the eye; however, it doesn’t last at all! This faded so quickly! Even when I applied black eyeshadow it still faded and practically wore completely off when I did a small wing with it – NO THANK YOU.  If I’m just going out for a couple of hours I may be ok but this definitely doesn’t stand a chance through my long work day.

Last, I picked up the Bitzy Eyeshadow is Brick House. If you guessed this was also near the checkout for $1.50, you’d be right! Its decently pigmented but feels rather dry. It also swatches better with your finger than a brush. It has a satin finish which is actually really pretty.  I haven’t worn this on my eyes yet, but I think I would apply a little Mac Fix + to my brush before going into the shadow.

Have you folks tried any makeup products from Sally’s Beauty Supply? I’d actually like to check out a few more products from the Real Colors line!








Summer Wish List 2017

Does anyone else go on Sephora or Ulta to go “shopping” add things to your “Loves”/ “Wish” List? I do it ALL THE TIME!

Today I have a HUGE wish list to share with you guys. Some of these are newer products I’m dying to get my hands on and others are products I’ve tried samples of but haven’t bit the bullet just yet. 20170710_072823

First up id the Kat Von D Shade & Light Glimmer Palette. I have the original Shade & Light palette and I absolutely love it. This would pair  great with it and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. This drops tomorrow July 11th.


Next up is the new Sephora Pro Warm Eyeshadow Palette. This looks absolutely beautiful! I love warm shades and this looks to be perfect for bronzy summer / warm fall looks.


If you’ve been following my blog some time now, you now I love a good highlight. These have a soft luminous glow which would be perfect when you don’t want an intense, in your face highlight.


I was browsing the Sephora Collection and came across these new hair sleeping masks. Each mask has a different benefit and also comes with a cap so you don’t get the product all over your pillow. I love this concept and definitely plan on trying one out soon.


The Alterna Caviar Infinite Color Hold Topcoat Shine Spray is a recent addition to my Sephora Loves list after receiving a travel size in a Sephora Play box. This leaves my hair so soft and shiney. My hair has never looked so incredibly shiney. I haven’t splurged yet as I’m very SLOWLY using the travel size.

Tony Moly has recently come out with a few new sheet masks. I love a good sheet mask! These are great in addition to your regular skin care and are easy to travel with when your skin needs a quick pick me up!


I’ve gone through several sample packets of the Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying Mask and I love it! Some people say its a dupe for the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask, which I’ve also tried MANY travel sized versions of. While I don’t think its an exact dupe, it does nearly the same thing. My skin is always noticeable clearer after both masks but I think the Sephora mask is gentler on my skin. I have no idea why I haven’t picked this up yet when its half the price of Glam Glow, but I need to indulge soon! This has been on my list for while now.


I grabbed a 100 point perk of the Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer from Sephora. I was curious to see if this actually doubled as a primer and how well it helped moisturize my skin as well as keep my makeup in place. Well my jar has been empty for at least 6 weeks…. I loved it so much but again I haven’t bit the bullet to purchase it.


Last but certainly not least is the Solo De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Nicole from Young Wild and Polished raves about this body butter! I’ve been wanting to get this for months but with the price tag, I haven’t gone for it yet. I’ll probably wait until fall for the November Sephora sale.

What products have you guys been dying to get your hands on?

If you guys have any skincare suggestions for oily skin send them my way!!!



Favorite Liquid Lipstick Formulas

Hey all! Happy Friday!  How’s it going? Today I wanted to share my favorite liquid lipstick formulas in my favorite shades. I haven’t tried all the liquid lipsticks on the market but out of the ones I have tried, I like these the best.


  1. Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana – I received this in Junes Boxy Charm and I’m obsessed! This didn’t move from lips and stays comfortable all day!
  2. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick. I have this shade in the regular lipstick formula but I love it even more in this form. It doesn’t budge and fades evenly on my lips.
  3. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina. This formula is so comfortable and while I don’t think it lasts as long as others on this list, it fades easily and doesn’t ball up when coat is applied on top.
  4. Wet’n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in Rebel Rose. This is the one that surprised me the most! I didn’t have high hopes but its now one of my favorites!
  5. Morphe Liquid Lipstick in Sasha. This one does wear just a tad in the center of my lips when I eat or drink but its not bad. Its comfortable and easy enough to reapply.
  6. 6. ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Bijou – This is my absolute favorite formula. These are so comfortable and pigmented! While this does transfer I find that this stays on my lips throughout the day even while eating and drinking.
Ofra, KVD, Stila, WnW, Morphe, CP

….And I just noticed Stila Patina and WnW Rebel Rose look to be pretty close dupes! If you love this type of shade, definitely grab the WnW lipstick as they’re only $4.99!

Have you tied any of these? If you have any liquid lipstick suggestions please let me know!

Affordable Palette Collection

Hey guys! I wanted to do a palette collection for you but I’m going to break it up into parts by category because my collection is so large. All of these palettes were under $25.

Today we’re covering my affordable palettes. I only have one drug store palette so I’m including that one in this category as well.


First up is the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette. I think the palette is very reasonably priced at $14. The shadows and highlights are good quality and I get a lot of use out of it.

The Wet’n Wild Comfort Zone palette is a must for any collection. These shades are gorgeous and pigmented. It might very well be the best $4.99 you spend on an eyeshadow palette.

The Colour Pop One of a Kind Duo that was released for Valentines Day is still one of my favorites. At $10 for the duo the pigment these guys have is off the charts. They’re creamy and blendable, and are the sole reason I want to grow my pressed shadow collection.


Next up are my Morphe palettes. One day I’ll get around to doing my entire Morphe collection – I have single shadows, pigments, brushes, lashes, etc- One day friends, one day!

The 35W is full of you guessed it, warm bronzes, peaches, and plums. I love a bonze look so for $22 this is absolutely worth it in my book!

The Kathleen Lights palette is one of my favorite palettes! It was only $14 and in my opinion worth every cent. I get a ton of use out of this palette and I love the shades she chose!

The 35O doesn’t need an introduction. It took me a while to get my hands on this guy and it was worth the wait. This palette was also $22 and I reach for this palette all the time!

The 35T was my first introduction to Morphe. After I picked up this palette I knew I had to have more. It’s a palette full of taupe’s and bronze’s which of course is right up my alley.

The Morphe 35R, 35F, and 25A are all on my want list!

That does it for my more affordable palettes! If you have any suggestions for great quality palettes for a reasonable price and are in the warm neutral, bronzey, taupe categories let me know!!

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