Anti Haul #11

I’m back with another edition of my Anti-Haul series. I’ve got quite a few products on my list today and I have pretty strong feelings. This is not a stab at the brands or saying these are bad products, they simply are not my cup of tea and I won’t be spending my money on them! screenshot_20180904-120329_instagram4445042400907907415.jpg

Let’s start off with Urban Decay’s new release Naked Cherry. I don’t think this palette really screams cherry. I don’t see a strong red or any deeper red shades. The color scheme has already been done – I should say over done. I also don’t think the Naked palettes have the best quality shadows. I think its time to move on from the Naked series….. I won’t be picking this up!


Fenty is releasing a Gloss Bomb lipgloss and a Diamond Milk Highlighter. These are too glittery for my taste and I don’t wear a lot of gloss. I want to like the highlight, I love highlights, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t mind how light the highlight is but the chunks of glitter completely put me off! I’m 31 – I’ll pass on all things glitter.

screenshot_20180904-121008_instagram3004044493101931118.jpgI’ll give it to Estee Lauder, this palette looks gorgeous. The packing is to die for and the swatches look amazing. However, the color scheme has been done too many times before! I can’t buy something I know I can dupe in my collection, just because the packaging is stunning! I’m really trying to use what’s in my collection!


Another UD palette on the list! While the packaging of the Urban Decay Elements Palette is gorgeous, I can’t on board with the shades inside. I find the shades look easily dupable and pretty boring. Also, if they were actually trying to represent the 4 classic elements, the shade selection should have been a bit different. Sorry Urban Decay – you’re striking out again!


Last but certainly not least is the collection PUR Cosmetics is releasing for their 16th birthday. The collectors palette features 16 shadows, blush, highlight, gloss, mascara, and a pair of lashes. While some of the shadow look nice, I just don’t get down with pressed glitters. Glitter really doesn’t do it for me. I suck with lashes and I’m not a big gloss fan, so it won’t be worth the purchase price for only Mascara, blush, and highlight. Over all its just not for me!

This are things I’ll be skipping and keeping the cash in my pocket! What are your thoughts on these? Do you plan to pick any of them up? Are you anti-hauling any of them?



4 thoughts on “Anti Haul #11

  1. Yeah not getting any of that. I saw Natasha Denona revealed another palette that has a lot of shades similar to ABH Subculture. Pass as I have the Makeup Revolution dupe. Too Faced is releasing a gingerbread eye palette. No interest in that either. Nothing is really catching my eye right now.

  2. The Cherry palette looks like a dupe of the Norvina palette with less shimmer shades. The Estee Lauder palette looks gorgeous but I agree, the shades aren’t groundbreaking and have been done before.

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