Quick Nail Polish Declutter

I’ve decided to continue on the declutter path. This time I went with nail polish. I find that its the easiest category for me to go through and not spend 20 minutes debating over one item. I love a good nail polish but its something I have no issue getting rid of either.


I pitched 42 polishes. Most of them were old and separated while other were just thick and goopy. Many of them were shades I only wore once or twice but convinced myself it was a nice color/ on sale, so I should get it.


I kept 34 polishes which means I got rid of over half! Not too shabby! Definitely my most successful declutter to date. I’m happy with everything I decided to keep and I think they’re all different enough to justify keeping in my stash.

What was your most successful declutter to date?

What should I purge next?

3 thoughts on “Quick Nail Polish Declutter

  1. Well done! I hoard nail polishes like crazy since they last a long time and don’t really “go bad” per se.
    I’ve done quite a few large scale declutters – I don’t tend to focus on just one category, here’s one I did earlier this year:

    I’d say lip products or foundations are good categories to declutter since they’re liquid products and tend to expire faster.

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