Hey all! How’s everything? Last week I went to Sally’s beauty to grab some hair dye (I prefer to mix my own rather than buy a box dye) when a light bulb came on! I thought it would be a great idea to grab some makeup from Sally’s and review it for my blog. Most of the brands offered I had never heard of but the prices seemed to line up with brands from the drugstore. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into but at least I didn’t spend on lot on this. Most of the products I grabbed were on clearance – bc why not save some money on products I may end up hating.


I grabbed 5 products from three different brands – Real Colors, Femme Couture, and Bitzy. So lets get into the reviews and swatches!

First up is the Real Colors Stay Glowing Long Wear Bronzer in Malibu glow. This was the only shade my Sally’s had in stock and its fairly light as you can see from the swatch. Surprisingly this was incredibly creamy to the touch and didn’t kick up any powder. This applied to nicely to face and blended out easily.  Its a very neutral shade and I think it would be great for fair and light skin tones.  It lasted me most of my work day as well. It was faded come 3pm but that’s expected when my makeup is finished by 530 in the morning. The packaging is pretty cheap but its what’s in side that matters. Overall, I’m impressed!

Of course I had to grab a highlight when I it sitting right next to the bronzer. The Real Colors Stay Glowing Long Wear Highlight (shade unknown) looked like it was going to have chunks of shimmer but I grabbed it anyway – bc HIGHLIGHT. So when I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised that its not chunky or glittery. Its very pigmented and not nearly as creamy as the bronzer but it’s also not overly dry. Its quite nice and again no kick up! Its a very pretty light gold suited for light or medium skin tones. I’ve worn this on its own and layered on top of a liquid highlight and its beautiful both ways. This can be applied lightly for a subtle glow or built up to an intense blinding highlight. It wears pretty decently as well. This also comes in the same cheap packaging as the bronzer but I can look past that! Again, this brand has impressed me!

The Femme Couture Moon Glow Shimmer Stick in Rose Glow impressed me the least. While its pretty pigmented and creamy, it NEVER dried down. I have not worn this on my lids yet because I already know this wont last even with a primer (I have really oily skin!). It’ll slide all over and crease like crazy. I MIGHT be able to get away with this as an inner corner highlight or pack a similar shadow on top for an extra oomph but definitely not alone.

The Bitzy Mechanical Eyeliner in Black was in a display right by the checkout and for the price ($1.50) I figured why not test it. Its not as black as I prefer my eyeliners to be but I can go over the liner with black eyeshadow to deepen the shade.  This applies really nicely to the eye; however, it doesn’t last at all! This faded so quickly! Even when I applied black eyeshadow it still faded and practically wore completely off when I did a small wing with it – NO THANK YOU.  If I’m just going out for a couple of hours I may be ok but this definitely doesn’t stand a chance through my long work day.

Last, I picked up the Bitzy Eyeshadow is Brick House. If you guessed this was also near the checkout for $1.50, you’d be right! Its decently pigmented but feels rather dry. It also swatches better with your finger than a brush. It has a satin finish which is actually really pretty.  I haven’t worn this on my eyes yet, but I think I would apply a little Mac Fix + to my brush before going into the shadow.

Have you folks tried any makeup products from Sally’s Beauty Supply? I’d actually like to check out a few more products from the Real Colors line!