Hi all! How’s it going?

Recently I placed a small Sephora order mainly to get my hands on a few of the Formula X polishes that came back in stock for $2. I’m assuming this was inventory that had found in a warehouse and needed to rid of. These polishes can be hit or miss depending on the formula but for two bucks I decided to grab a bunch of them!

How beautiful is that pink with a blue shift and the green with a gold shift!? I wore the purple, which is a matte formula and it chipped within a day. I find I have the most problems with the matte formula. I also wore the pink with a blue shift and it lasted about 4 days which is average. I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures!


I also grabbed the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Balancing  Essence Water Mist. I had been wanting to try it and it was on sale for $14. And well… I’m obsessed. I’ve had this less then a week and its half gone! I think I’ve sprayed it on every body part. Its so refreshing.

Claims directly from the PTR website:

“Alcohol-free balancing essence water mist helps detoxify, refresh, soften and hydrate the look of skin with a lightweight veil of hydration at home or on the go. Hyaluronic Acid helps improve hydration by attracting and retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the air, while Chamomile helps calm and soothe the skin’s appearance. Perfect for refreshing hydration throughout the day, or over makeup for a dewy, hydrated and radiant finish.”

It absolutely does what it is supposed to. My skin feels so hydrated and my redness is greatly reduced after using this. I’m in love. It also comes with 4 sheet masks you can submerge and use as a more intense hydration treatment! I haven’t tried this yet, but I like the idea.


According to the reviews on Sephora not many people were a fan of the spray nozzle and I can understand why. Its bit of a super soaker but you just need to hold it further away from your face.  I definitely would suggest using it over makeup – I have other facial or setting sprays that are better suited for that.

I quickly ordered a backup two days after I received this one.

Currently this is sold out on the Sephora website and it doesn’t look like the product is listed at all on the website now. However you can still find it at Ulta.com, peterthomasroth.com, and qvc.com. I’m unsure why Sephora discounted the product and why they may not be selling it any longer but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Maybe they’ll update the packaging with a better nozzle.

Did you grab any of the Formula X polishes? Have you tried the PTR Cucumber Detox Mist?