I know you may or may not have been wondering where I’ve been. Well I’ve been catching up on sleep from staying up to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins play in the Stanley Cup Finals. What is the Stanley Cup you ask? Its the Championship Trophy in the National Hockey League and my home team – the Pittsburgh Penguins- and defending champs made it to the finals again. They overcame injuries to major players and stuck with it to win again this years. We even had 3 players play with broken bones just to win the cup! Hockey players are absolutely some of the toughest athletes out there and the Stanley Cup is one of the hardest championships to win!

For game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, against the Nashville Predators, the Pens played in Nashville. A local radio held a watch party in Pittsburgh in the Pens arena and it was SOLD OUT – Over 18,000 were in attendance!!!  They even put up a giant screen outside to accommodate another thousand fans! We take our sports seriously in Pittsburgh – We sell out arena’s just to watch games with other fans! Plus all of the proceeds went to charity.

It was an absolute blast and of course winning the cup made it even better. I’ve never felt so much energy in one place before. It was incredible and the closest I’ll probably ever get to attending a real championship game. My husband and I went with friends which made the experience even better!

Three days after the game there was a victory parade in downtown Pittsburgh where over 650,000 people attended! Unfortunately I was unable to go but maybe next year!

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2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six