Guys – It happened again. Not once but TWICE. I made two more orders to ColourPop. Things got a little out of hand in May and I refuse to even give the side eye to ColourPop. Everything is just so pretty and reasonably priced – HOW CAN I SAY NO?!?! This is a real problem.


So this time I made my first order on a Friday to grab a brow pencil, a gel linter, and another pressed shadow because I wanted the 3rd Birthday Super Shock Shadow.  Saturday ColourPop released the tie dye collection and the magnetic palettes were back in stock. IT WAS ALL OVER. I placed another order for the palette and the super shock tie dye shadow.


I love the brow pencil in black & brown for filling in my brows. While it is a little creamy to create “hairs”, I find that it fills them in and I can go in with a different product to create those “hairs” at the beginning of my brow. This is also good for getting a precise tail.

The gel liner in swerve is nice and black and doesn’t move! It stays put and doesn’t fade. Plus its easy to use. I even apply a bit to an angled brush to get a nice wing.

I am in love with the new tie dye Super Shock Shadow in Utopia. Its a gorgeous peachy shade with a pink reflect. Its absolutely stunning!! The swatch does not do it justice! I’ve worn it a good 3 times now and I’m already regretting not purchasing two.

I grabbed a 4th pressed shadow in the shade high strung which is a metallic dusty rose. Its absolutely stunning! These shadows are so creamy and pigmented! I can’t wait to pick up more shades to fill the palette.

The palette seems nice and sturdy but compact and nice to travel with. It only holds 12 shadows but $7 is a steal for a magnetic palette. Morphe has a similar sized palette for $6.99 which hold 15 shadows. The only downside to this palette is that its white…. so It will probably get dirty pretty quickly.  I immediately transferred my other ColourPop pressed shadows to this palette and freed some room in my Morphe palette for other shadow!

For ColourPop’s 3rd Birthday anyone who made a $10 purchase would receive the Birthday Cake Super Shock Shadow for free. This shadow is described as a beige pink with silver, pink, and gold glitter. It is VERY glittery but the shadow looks more wet on the eyes than it does glittery. It’s very pretty but doesn’t even compare to last years Birthday Boy!


The combined total cost of both orders was only $27 which included two free birthday shadows and free shipping.  Not too shabby!

I now need to fill this palette with more ColourPop pressed powders, so if you have any suggestions let me know!