Hi all! Today I wanted to share some affordable highlights from Makeup Revolution. I love a good highlight and I love them even more when they are affordable with great payoff.


First up is the Triple Baked Highlighter in Goddess of Faith. The packing is just ok. Its in a flimsy plastic container that falls right out of the cardboard heart. However, the product inside makes up for the crap packaging.

The highlight is an intense light champagne shade and holy crap is it pigmented! Its a bit powdery to the touch but it comes off nicely on the cheek. It also lasts for a good 4-6 hours before slightly wearing. This highlight retails for $7 on the Ulta website and for the price point I would recommend this to anyone looking for some thing affordable. I would also say this is more for light to medium skin tones. Two other shades are offered as well.


Next up is the Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant. This packaging is much sturdier and I prefer it over the packaging the triple baked highlighter is in. I also love when the lid is clear so I can easily see the shade when digging through my highlights.

You can either swirl these together or use the strips individually. I generally swirl them together to get the gorgeous gold highlight shown in the swatch. This applies nicely and nice and soft to the touch. Its not chunky or chalky feeling. This is also $7 at Ulta and I would recommend this over the baked highlight. Any skin tone can wear this and mix and match strips that work for them.

Have you tried either of these? Do you prefer one over the other?