Hello beauties!

I was going to do a big collective haul post featuring some of the recent purchases I’ve made but since many of the products I picked up aren’t that interesting and are repurchases, I scraped that.


Today I want to talk about the Viseart Petit Pro Palette. I could never justify spending $80 on a full sized palette without every getting swatch it or test it. That price is just a little insane to me but when I saw Viseart was releasing a mini palette for $30 I knew I had to get my hands on it to test out the shadows and really see what everyone is raving about it.

First, I want to discuss the size of this palette. A lot of reviews on this complain about how tiny it is – comparable to the size of a credit card. Each shadow is .026oz which is the exact same amount of product you get in the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette.


As you can see above the shadows are the exact same size. While the Smashbox palette is $5 cheaper, the quality of the Viseart palette makes up for difference (we’ll get into the formula in just in a minute). The Smashb0x palette is much thinner than the Viseart but I also wouldn’t consider the packaging bulky either. Personally these are the size palettes I love for traveling. You won’t find me lugging around a 35 pan Morphe palette in my carry on! 20170307_082216.jpg


I don’t think I’ve ever felt such smooth eyeshadows. The shadows are so finally milled and creamy to the touch that “buttery” doesn’t even describe how soft they feel. These shadows are also incredibly pigmented! While that can be scary for some people, these shadows really blend like a dream. For the first look I created with this palette I used the 2nd shade on the top row to blend into my crease. I used the smallest amount and it took almost no effort to blend out. It was the fastest I have ever blending a shadow into my crease. I was amazed that they blended and didn’t lose pigment or blend into nothing. I used the 1st shimmer on the bottom row on my lid and while it did have a tiny bit of glitter in it, it blended smoothly and I didn’t get glitter fallout all over my face. I was shocked that the glitter actually stayed on my eye and didn’t end up on my face. (The lightest shade is also the only one to have a small amount of glitter in it. )

These photos don’t do the shadows justice. This look took maybe 2 minutes to put on and I don’t think I’ve ever put so little effort into applying eyeshadow. With all of that said, these do kick up a tiny bit of product when you dip your brush in. However, there is no fall out when applied on the eyes. The look lasted all day with no creasing or fading! I didn’t even use an eye shadow primer.

Overall these shadows are amazing and I am so happy I picked them up. Viseart offer’s their full size palettes for $80 and their Theory palletes for $45. I know they have a hefty price tag but you absolutely can’t beat the quality!

I highly suggest the petit pro if you don’t want to fork out the $80 for a large palette. I honestly only see myself picking up a full size palette with a gift card (or as a present to myself for my upcoming 30th birthday). I may snag a Theory palette but I hope Viseart releases more petit palettes in the future! I would definitely grab it for the $30 price tag.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Viseart and how it performed for you! I’ll be here drooling over this palette.