Hey all!

Around the end of December I picked one of the Sweet & Shimmer Brow on the Go palettes on clearance at Ulta for $1. This brand is normally one Ulta offer’s in their 5 for $5 or 5 for $10 sale. I wasn’t expecting much but I decided to pick it up regardless. I figured its only a dollar and its just a brow powder I was going to use to darken the tail of my brow….so why not give it a go.

This brow palette contains 3 shades: Brunette, Black, and Auburn. All 3 are decently but not overly pigmented and have more of a waxy feel rather than a powder feel to them, which I actually like.

I’m actually really surprised how well this performed. I generally just quickly fill in my brows with a pencil (or pomade if I want a more dramatic look) but b/c my hair is so dark right now I’ve been using this to help darken them a up a bit. It does a really good job of darkening my brows and the waxy texture helps keep the ends in place when I forget to apply a brow gel.

If you are someone you generally likes to use a powder to fill in your brows, you might like this. I don’t think this is a must to pick up, but its a pretty good buy for a buck. If I see them in the clearance section or they come back next year, I’ll probably pick up a few more.

Have you tried this? Are there other brow powders you love? Let me know!