Hey guys! Sorry its been so long. Work has been crazy busy ( I have to work to afford this makeup addiction haha) and we’ve had a lot going on over the weekend!

For Christmas my husband picked me up  drawers similar to the Ikea Alex drawers but these are from Amazon. We finally got it together but I still have a ton of organizing to do!


There are 7 drawers and while I wish there was a deeper drawer on the bottom everything actually fit.  The drawers are a mess since I’m not too sure how I want to organize everything and I absolutely need to pick up some drawer organizers so I can easily find things. Once everything is finished, I’ll give you a look inside how everything is organized. Although I definitely see another set of drawers in the near future – The palette drawer is already filled to the brim! I also need to get another mirror and an LED light. My little space in the office is slowly coming together!

Do you guys recommend certain organizers? Also, am I the only weirdo into skulls and Disney princesses?

I’d love to know how you’ve got your space set up! Send any tips my way!