Hello all !! Happy Monday!

Shortly after Christmas I went on a small shopping binge at Ulta. I’ve had my eye on the Lorac Pro 3 for some time now and I thought it was the perfect time to finally add it to my collection.

I’ve read a lot of varying reviews on this palette and it seems like a lot of folks weren’t wow’d by the fact that its such a neutral palette….. but that’s exactly what drew me in! I love neutrals and this is such a simple palette yet you can make a variety of looks with this. This is actually my first Lorac Pro palette and when comparing the 3 of them, this one was much more my speed compared to the others. I knew I would get use out of every single shade in this palette. The other 2 palettes, not so much.


I have used this palette consistently over the past month! The only thing I have used instead is the Kathleen Lights and Morphe collab!  I’m absolutely obsessed! The shades are all buttery and pigmented except for medallion which is a little chunky and hard to pick up but that’s nothing a little MAC Fix+ doesn’t fix. Honestly I can deal with one shade not being up to par and I have no problem using Fix+. These apply so nicely with a brush and blend really well on the lid.


Just look at this pigmentation! (ignore the crazy shimmer all over my arm! I was doing a lot swatching!)  The black is BLACK! This is such a versatile (neutral) palette and I’m just in love. The biggest cons of this palette are the packaging and fall out – it gets so dirty so fast but other than that I find that its the standard cardboard packaging and it kicks up a bit of fall out. Enjoy the pretty clean palette while you can.

No the colors in this palette aren’t anything earth shattering but its exactly what I was looking for. If you are someone like me who loves a good neutral look then I highly suggest this palette.