Hi Beauties!

As you all probably know Kathleen Lights recently did a collab with Morphe to release a stunning 15 pan palette. This palette was calling my name – I wasn’t lucky enough to grab it when it was first released but fortunately due to high demand Morphe brought the palette back. Not to get off topic but Morphe should know by now that these huge releases are highly sought after and they never have enough in stock – GET IT TOGETHER MORPHE.

Ok back to our regular rescheduled program.


The shipping isn’t cheap so I figured I should take advantage and grab some other items I have been eyeing as well



How gorgeous is this palette and these swatches! Some might think this palette is a little boring with only one bright shade but it really has everything you need to create a complete look. From highlight shades to crease shades, and shimmers you really can’t go wrong. You can do anything from a daytime look to a smoky eye. These shadows are soft, buttery and very blendable. I could blend these to my eyebrows if I wanted. Morphe never fails and Kathleen did an amazing job putting this palette together.

I had been eyeing the pressed pigments for sometime now and decided to pick up the shade Hollywood Vixen. Its a soft beige gold that is highly pigmented! This applies so nicely to the lid and if you add a little Fix+ you’re going to get one incredibly INTENSE shadow. I can’t wait to pick up more of these!


I’m terrible at applying strip false lashes so I thought I’d give singles a try. I’ve used a couple on each eye to add a little extra volume and these were much easier for me to use. I have pretty long lashes and these blended in nicely with mine. I’m not some who uses lashes a lot but I’d like to start playing around with them more and incorporating them into more looks. If anyone has any suggestions on techniques, products, etc please let me know. I need all the false lash help I can get!


I randomly grabbed the M165 angled liner brush. Its a little thicker than I had hoped and not really what I look for to apply eyeliner. It does an good job at brushing product through my brows but I might end up using this to apply shadow below the lash line.

This will be last Morphe purchase until I get to LA. It was incredibly hard for me to pass on purchasing the new liquid lipsticks but I’ll hopefully have my hands on some new Morphe items in a few months! I’m just hoping I can fit everything in my carry on bag!

If you’ve been debating on the Kathleen Lights palette or the pressed pigments I highly suggest you grab them!