Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I know its been a while since I’ve chatted about Colour Pop but fear not I’ve got a review coming for you today. I love Colour Pop so I thought I would do a collection series featuring all of the products I have and include swatches! I have way too many items to do one post, so these will be broken up by category.   

On with the highlighters!!!! 

For the longest time I had been eyeing the collection of highlighters on the Colour Pop website but never picked them up. I was worried about the consistency sliding around on my foundation or going on patchy over the powder I use to set my foundation.

You all should have guessed I would eventually cave. Colour Pop plus highlighters? I couldn’t hold out forever!


I grabbed Wisp and Flexitarian. Both are absolutely stunning and highly pigmented. Plus they’re only $8!!! Yes! $8!!! They’re creamy yet they don’t move around on my awfully oily skin. I also love to layer them with a powder highlight when I want a really intense look.


Wisp is described as a golden champagne shade that is a little dark for my current skin tone unless I mix it. This will beautiful when I’m self tanned or for darker skin tones. The above is a pretty heavy swatch, so it might look better on me if I use a lighter hand.

Flexitarian is described as an intense white champagne and I can’t get enough of it! This is the perfect shade for paler skin tones and will absolutely give you that “see you from space” highlight. I have also layered Zaha from the Makeup Store on top for an even bigger bang!

These guys last as well! I get a good 8 hours of wear time out of them.

Have you tried Colour Pop’s highlighters yet?