Hi Beauties! How’s your Monday?

I recently picked up one of the new L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Sponges. I believe they released 3 in total but I was captivated by the bright lime green contour blender – so of course I had to get it. I ordered this from Amazon for $7.99. I believe this should be in stores soon but I’m an Amazon Prime junkie – so things like this happen.

Anyway, this sponge is designed to blend cream contour or highlight. I specifically picked up this up to use with a few cream highlights I have (I’m not a fan of cream contours). I normally use a stippling brush to apply cream or liquid highlights and then I top with a powder highlight for a BAM IN YO FACE highlight.


Now the packaging says to use the “flat surface of the blender use dabbing and rolling motions to blend out” your highlight. You’re not even suppose to get this wet – well let me tell you – IT DOESNT WORK AT ALL. This was AWFUL for applying highlight. It doesn’t pick up any highlight from the pan and even if you use your fingers to apply the highlight this doesn’t blend it out – AT ALL. I even tried to get it damp – It didn’t do anything for my highlight but make it look weird and patchy. I don’t see this working for contour either but I haven’t tested this out.

However, – Yes, However – I turned this miss into a hit! I didn’t want to give up on this sponge. Once you get it wet, it feels really nice and bouncy. Plus it almost doubles in size. So I gave it a shot at blending out under eye concealer. Guess what?! I freaking love it to blend out concealer. The tips are also really great for baking under your eyes as well. Once I figured out it worked well for concealer and baking its the only sponge I’ve been using!

I definitely do not recommend this for highlight or contour. I do suggest picking this up if you want something nice to blend out concealer. This would even be really nice for blending out color corrector.

If you decide to pick this up or have had a different experience with it, please let me know!