Hello Beauties!  You’ve probably seen some of the new L’Oreal products that have been released on Amazon but are Spring 2017 releases. I was able to snag a couple things on Amazon but today I want to talk about the new L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation.


This foundation will be a permanent addition to the Infallible line. It claims to have up to 24 hour wear time with a weightless feel. I’m all for anything that totally covers my acne and redness prone skin! It also feels weightless? Sign me up!

When I first saw this item on Amazon, it wasn’t available in my shade but as soon as it was in stock I had to hurry and get my grubby hands on this foundation.

I picked shade 302 since I’m shade 102 in the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte and it’s a pretty good match for me. This foundation has a very thick consistency, which I tend to expect from a full coverage foundation.


I actually ended up mixing this with a tiny bit of BB cream to thin it out just a bit. I accidently put too much on and needed to thin it out and spread it down my neck and chest. I really used WAY too much so a word of advice – a little goes a long way. However, I didn’t get cakey at all. The foundation mixed really well and sat on my skin nicely. The next day I wore this alone with no added BB cream and application went much better. I put just a bit on and it went on flawlessly! It blended out nicely with a large oval brush but I still need to test it with a sponge.

Please excuse the exhausted, half dead look and crazy hair!


The picture above is after 15 hours of wear (I did use a primer and a setting spray) and my face isn’t cakey nor is the foundation separating! You can see my brow has started to fade, my eyeshadow has started to crease, and my winged liner has started to disappear. (SIDE NOTE: The highlight is still strong but I can’t even remember which one I was wearing haha)

This foundation does feel very light weight. Even after setting it with a powder, I can barely tell I have anything on my face. I set this with a powder due to my skin being very oily and not wanting to take a chance of not making it through a work day (as a note: I set most foundations with a powder!).

If you do not enjoy full cover foundations, this is not the product for you! I can also see this looking terrible on anyone with very dry skin just because it has such a thick consistency. As an oily girl, it didn’t move around on my skin nor did it cling to any of my texture. I really like this foundation and I plan to test it out with a few other brushes and a damp sponge!

If you have tried this already, how do you like it? Have you tried anything other new L’Oreal products?