Hey everyone! How’s it going?

I don’t have much of a post today but I am looking for recommendations. On a whim I bought tickets to see one of Yellowcards final two shows in LA in March of 2017! My husband and I are very excited since neither of us have ever been. What’s even crazier is one of my very good friends who I don’t see often is also flying out for the show. We’ve gone to past concerts together (the last time I saw her was actually in 2015 at a concert haha) and I’m pumped to be reunited with her at another Yellowcard show.

So I’m looking for recommendations on things to do while we’re there. Please send any places we need to eat at or stop and see. We’ll be there for about 4 days so we want to try and get a few things in!

At the top of my list is to visit the Morphe store front in Burbank if we have time (and if I can convince the husband!).

Yellowcard at the Filmore in Silverspring, MD 2015