Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve!

I know I am WAY behind on this but at least I’m getting it up, right?


As much as I loved November’s box, I was really disappointed with Boxy Charm. The Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlight in Rose Gold came completely smashed. I tried reaching out to Boxycharm several times and NEVER received a response. I know that I only paid $21 for this box and that the value well exceeds that price, but I expect my products to come intact or to at least get a response from customer service. *sigh*

Luckily I was able to put it back together with a little alcohol and it works just fine. Its not as pretty in the pan as I’m sure it would have been but its still gorgeous! Look at the gold shift!


Boxycharm has kept me STOCKED on eyeshadow palettes! I’ve received shadows in every box since joining in August. This Studio Makeup Palette is absolutely stunning!  Just look at those swatches. These shadows are buttery and pigmented. Not to mention they are my types of shades!

The Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème in Antique Pink is so gorgeous. It has a very thin consistency but dries down and doesn’t move. It is a bit sticky until it dries down but once it dries down its not going anywhere!

The Crown Brush C513 Crease Brush is designed to help you get a nice cut crease. I don’t see myself doing a cut crease anytime soon, but it is perfect for smoking out the lower lash line or applying inner corner highlight.

Last, but certainly not least, the Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream will assist with banishing dark under eye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. I actually really like this stuff. It has a cooling sensation when applied and doesn’t leave your under eyes feeling too greasy. I prefer to apply this at night right before bed before I put on my nightly serums.

For now I will stay subscribed to Boxycharm only because I really love the items in their boxes. However, if I need to get in contact with customer service again I may end up canceling. We’ll see….

Has anyone else had similar problems with Boxycharm?