Hey loves! Happy Friday! We made it! I took the day off to sign our lease and get some things around the house – I’m an advocate for the 4 day work week (haha – no but really). I featured the Etsy shop The Makeup Store a few posts ago in my Into the Unknown series and I just had to share my newest purchase!


This pink iridescent highlight is absolutely breathtaking! This highlight is not chalky or powdery. Its smooth and buttery with no fallout! When the light hits this you see this gorgeous pink reflect. Its definitely not an every day highlight but I will get a lot of use from this. This was only $5 and absolutely worth it!

The Makeup Store offers highlighters in different sized pans so you can conveniently pick up which size works best for you! You can also order them in or out of compacts which is nice.  I ordered the 26mm (w/ out a compact) which is the smallest size the shop offers. For comparison its the same size as a MAC or MUG single pan. This isn’t a highlight I’m going to wear every day so this smaller size will last! ( I ordered the 37mm compact in Zaha and have worn it often as well as traveled with it!)

Check out the shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMakeupStore

No I’m not being paid to write this post nor does the shop owner have any idea I am writing this. I honestly wanted to share amazing highlights with you all.

Let me know if you check her out or order anything! I’d love to know you’re thoughts!