Hey all! Instead of spending time explaining another Colour Pop purchase…. lets just get right into it…. we all know my obsession is real.


When I first laid eyes on swatches of the Ultra Satin Lip in Femme I’m pretty sure I had to wipe the drool off my Galaxy S7 Edge. The dusty dirty lilac shade stopped me in my tracks. It was released with the Dusty Rose Fall Edit Collection and I had to have it!


Its absolutely gorgeous and its a perfect fall shade! I’m a sucker for anytime of unique dusty fall shades. The formula of the ultra satin’s is my absolutely favorite. It lasts for a pretty decent amount of time but they’re not trying.


I finally decided to pick one of the highlights up and I can’t believe I waited this long! I decided on Wisp and I’m in love! While the formula is similar to the blushes and shadows…and I could be crazy….but this is even softer and creamier. It felt like I was sticking my hand into butter. The texture is just slightly different but its noticeable. It’s the perfect gold champagne slightly bronze highlight that any skin tone can pull off.


This is one swipe! Of course this can be sheered out to not look so intense but I like an intense highlight.

If you have not tired Colour Pop, I highly suggest you do! They’re incredibly affordable and have amazing products.

Have any of you tried anything from the fall collection?