Hey all!

I thought I’d throw in an extra post this week and update you all on Brian! He’s 6 months old and FINALLY over 4lbs! His hair is really starting to grow in!!!  I swear his ears have gotten bigger as well! He’s full of energy and seems to never stop running around or annoying the cats. He tolerates wearing his Steeler Jersey and hoodie for the most part.

He loves sitting on the back of the couch or on my husbands shoulder. He’s slept in bed with us a few times but for the most part when we are in bed or at work, he stays in the dining room. He did so good crate training that we decided to let him have some freedom. We dont want him running around the house freely yet but baby gating the dining room off for him is a good start. We just don’t want the cats beating him up or him using the bathroom freely. He’s mostly potty trained except for a few accidents here and there.

He’s so smart and loving. He LOVES other animals no matter their size. He’s really good with other people after he warms up to you…..until then he sits on my lap or hides behind me! Papillon’s have the best temperament!