Stop whatever you are doing and head to the closest drugstore or head over to the Wet’n Wild website! You need these affordable highlighters in your life ASAP!!!


I had trouble finding any of the Wet’n Wild highlighters so I decided to order them directly from the Wet’n Wild website. I do warn that shipping is kind of pricey and takes forever. I placed my order on the 12th and it didn’t ship until the 18th. I finally got my package a week later on the 25th. If you want to get your hands on these bad enough though, they are well worth the wait. They’re $3.99 each and with shipping I paid almost $15, which overall is a good value for the quality of these.


These are so soft and buttery! They are finely milled and will give you a slight glow if applied with a light hand or you can reach full blown “see your highlight from the moon” status. I prefer the latter but to each their own. These highlighters absolutely stand their own against high end brands. I don’t need fancy packaging – just an amazing product.


The left swatch is the Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals which is a gorgeous peachy pink champagne which I have read is a close dupe for Laura Gellar’s Baked Gelato in Ballerina. Unfortunately I don’t have Ballerina to compare.

The right swatch is the Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar in Holly Gold Head which is a stunning gold shade. If swatched with the peach star the shade is a pretty peach gold that I have read is similar to Champagne pop but I have yet to swatch them next to each other!

The Megaglo Highlighting Powder also comes in a shade called Crown of my Canopy but it looked way too dark for my skin tone. If you picked this shade up – let me know how you like it! I’d love to see how it looks on fair skin!

I’m already debating on trying to grab a backup of each of these. They are so pretty and so affordable. The highlighter junkie in me also wants to grab the rainbow highlight but I’m not sure when I would wear it. I’ve seen swatches of the shades swirled together and it looks to be a pretty silver shade which I could pull off in the winter. We’ll see!

So run! Quit wasting time! These are amazing and worth the few dollars.