High School Makeup

Hi all! We’ve finally made it to the weekend! Sorry this post is a day behind but I still got it in!

I’m sure everyone has seen the High School Makeup tag all over YouTube. So I thought I’d try to recreate that here. I’ll only be sharing products I would use instead of actually walking you through a tutorial of my minimal makeup.

When I was in high school my mom sold Avon, so all I can remember wearing was Avon or Mark, which is an Avon line geared towards young adults. I would help her sort, bag, and deliver orders and in return I would get to pick things out here and there. Plus I would always sort through all the samples for good ones.

I can’t remember all of the items I use to wear but I also didn’t wear a ton of makeup either. 20160921_103617.jpg

The snap to it magnetic palettes were probably close to being the first of their kind. You could buy individual Mark shadows or blushes and pop them in these palette. I had two different ones and I wore mainly pink or brown shadows. Never at the same time of course. I only wore one color on the lid at a time! These palettes did come with brushes which I used. I can’t remember ever using a sponge tip applicator for shadow.



I wore the face xpert flawless foundation which had medium to full coverage but I would cake it on! I had bad acne and couldn’t stand letting anything stick through. This is probably the most unhygienic product I have ever used. When you unscrewed the top, it had a large sponge applicator attached that would soak up the foundation. I applied this directly to my face because in 2001-2005 I wasn’t using brushes. I used what came with the product or I used makeup sponges. I never used my hands – my acne was bad enough without adding extra oil – then again using the same sponge applicator didn’t help either. I don’t remember this foundation being especially terrible but it wasn’t life changing either.


Mark had these hook-ups made easy travel essentially. I can remember having combinations with everything from lip gloss, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and concealer. I had one hookup that was concealer and mascara and the other hookup had two lip glosses. These glosses smelled minty but were super sticky and goopy. I can assure you they are the exact reason I hate lip gloss now. I think these were fairly cheap and were around $5-10 .

In high school I mainly just wore foundation, concealer, mascara, and lip gloss. Occasionally I would try to put on shadow, liner, and blush but I didn’t really start wearing a lot of makeup until senior year of high school and going into college.

I would also crimp my hair or straighten the shit out it. One summer I spent all of my time trying to bleach my hair with Sun In and then my mom died the bottom half of my awful blonde locks a beautiful purple/ burgundy color… then my roots started to grow out and I really looked like a mess. Brown.. blonde.. purple… yikes! I’ve been dying my hair ever since and have done some  interesting looks.

Anyway the final look would be me in all black – normally jeans, a fishnet shirt with a band t-shirt or just plain black tee, spiked bracelets, crimped hair, and cakey makeup. YIKES! No wonder I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school. My parents were really good about letting me wear what I want and go through my phases. I loved skulls – My mom still buys me random things will skulls ( I have the CUTEST decorative pillow case I need an insert for!). Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, I was never a fan of pictures and I deleted my MySpace account years ago that probably had a really good depiction of the horrid mess.

Fast forward – I still wear a ton of black but I stick to professional looking clothes. I lost the crimped purple hair and cakey makeup!

I’d love to hear read about your high school make!






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