Hi beauties! I don’t know about you guys but I wish it was Friday! This week has been dragging.

Anyway, I spotted the Wet’n Wild Reserve Your Cabana Bronzer over the weekend at Wal-Mart when I was perusing the makeup aisles. I’ve seen it talked about but it was never a product that really peaked my interest but I decided to pick it up anyway. Honestly, what could I lose on a product that was under 4 bucks?  Plus, I love the Wet’n Wild blushes and shadows I own.


This bronzer is actually a really soft golden beige highlight. It gives more of a sheen than an intense or glittery highlight. I normally love an incredibly intense highlight, I’m talking the type of highlight you can see from space; however, I do like the occasional subtle highlight. I’ve actually worn it everyday since I picked it up and I really like it. It adds the prettiest sheen to the cheekbones. Anyone who isn’t fond of an intense highlight or anyone who has yet to experiment with highlights would love this!


This product is not powdery or chalky. Its actually pretty smooth and feels finely milled. The compact is huge and you absolutely can’t beat the price. I’m overall very impressed and happy with this random purchase.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of a collection/ swatch series starting with highlighters, is that something you guys would be interested in reading?