Hi beauties!

Recently I have been having a terrible time with my foundation breaking up on me or getting cakey half way through the day. Its been very humid here this summer and I have been extremely oil! Gross, I know! This has been happening with every foundation/ concealer/ powder combo I was trying and nothing was keeping it together. I don’t like to bake my face in the summer because I do not want all of that product on my face in 90 degree heat. On top of that, I had been out of my holy grail ELF HD Loose Powder and my Walmart now doesn’t have the original loose powder but carries 2 different ones that I have yet to try to read reviews on.

Anyway, after seeing various bloggers and youtubers post/ talk about the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder and seeing that is has really good reviews, I decided to pick it up. I know this is nothing new and its been out for some time but its honestly a product I never gave a second though on. What could I really lose for $6, which is the same price as the ELF powder. Coty Airspun Powder has 2.3oz of product (holy shit!) compared to .28oz of ELF Powder. Right off the bat, Coty is a much better deal!  The bulky packaging isn’t anything special but it is filled to the brim with product. I do wish it came with a better puff! I threw it out as soon as I open the packaging!


I picked up the shade translucent extra coverage but my Walmart did have 3 other shades to choose from, but I prefer a translucent powder. I will warn you, it has a VERY strong scent. It reminds me of the makeup smell everything had when I first started using makeup 15+ years ago (My mom sold Avon, so there was always makeup in the house!). The first day I used this it was over powering but as soon as you put it on, it goes away. The powder is very finely milled and very soft. It glides on so nicely and makes baking easy! So far I have only used this to bake my under eye concealer and lightly on my forehead. I really love that this is such a light powder and that its not stark white like the ELF HD Powder.

I don’t know if its this powder or that I’m baking again but my makeup has been staying put in this humidity! I haven’t had cake face and my makeup hasn’t been an oily mess!  My other powders may have been too heavy for this weather but this has been a life saver!

Have you tried this powder?  If you have, let me know how it worked for you! ❤