Hi all! Its not often I am completely and utterly disappointed in a product. I rarely buy a product as soon as it comes out and I read reviews and search for swatches. Unfortunately this guy came in an Ipsy bag, normally I don’t get products that are this awful….. but this is just bad. 20160803_132637.jpgThe Starlooks cream eyeshadow in this rose gold shade is the worst cream shadow I have ever used. When it is first swatched, it looks decent…. even useable. Don’t even try to blend this out after you’ve applied it or even try to apply it with any other shadows. Its awful. It made the biggest mess on my lids. I couldn’t even use this a base to layer another color onto. It started to ball up and peel off my eyelids in the middle of doing my makeup. I wasn’t even going for an intense eye look. Its the worst product I have ever used. The only way this could possibly be used is on the inner corner of your lid or if you want to only wear this shadow without a crease color and without blending it at all. Steer clear of this and do not waste your money. There are so many other gorgeous rose gold shadows with a metallic finish.

As you can see in the above swatches, at first it appears as though it wants to be a good shadow…. and then it goes to shit. Just DON’T DO IT. If you had any luck with this shadow, let me know. I could have gotten a bad one, but I HIGHLY doubt it.

Let me say, I do have other Starlooks products that are AMAZING. They make one of my favorite lip liners! This product just didn’t work out for me at all! This is in no way a knock on all of their products!