Hello beauties! Today’s post is going to be a little different.

I’m sure you’ve seen teh ad’s on facebook or other social media platforms for JustFab. I’m normally not a fan of these types of websites, but I’ve had good luck with JustFab.  I signed up in the fall for a deal where I would receive my first pair of booties for $15 and free shipping.  I ended up picking out a pair of convertable combat type boots that are warm and super comfy. I already have about 4 pairs of high heeled booties! Unless you cancel your “subscription” you can skip each month so you aren’t charged which is pretty convienient …. as long as you remember!

Fast forward to May, as I had skipped all the months in between, I laid on eyes on the perfect blush nude bag and I had to have it! I have been waning a bag in this shade for the summer but was having a hard time actually finding one I liked. The Channing handbag in the shade Mauve is the perfect summer bag and plenty big enough to hold everythign you need (Trust me, I liek HUGE handbags).

Here are a couple pictures from the JustFab site:



And here’s mine

(ignore the terrible lighting… I coldnt get a good picture to save my life)


Its roomy, its classy, its a good work bag, its perfect for summer, and I’m in love with it!