Hello Beauties!

Today is all about 4 common makeup mistakes we’ve all made along the way!

Applying the Wrong Shade of Foundation.

We’ve all been there at one time or another. Trying to figure out our ideal shade and ending up with a disaster on our face. Overtime you just get good at matching your foundation to your natural skintone and your tan shade. However, for beginners or those who struggle, I highly suggest going to Sephora and getting color matched. If they give a sample of foundation, you can also go on temptalia.com to find similiar shades from just about any brand you would think of. Its a wonderful resource! Please don’t wear your ghostly white foundation in the summer with your beautiful tan skin or vice versa.

Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

This is something I use to do all the time! No wonder my makeup never turned out quite right. Now I apply a facial lotion as well as use a facial mist before applying primer and foundation. Its such an important step in keeping your skin hydrated and your makeup looking good! I can’t stress the use of some type of lotion or facial spray enough! Even with oily skin, you need to keep your skin hydrated!

Applying Too Much Powder

This is another common mistake I too have suffered from. I use to think setting my foundation with a ton of powder would keep the oil at bay. Nope. Instead it made my face a cakey, heavy, disgusting mess. I could feel how heavy my makeup was sitting on my skin. This also didn’t help my acne situation, it only made things worse! Use a light hand when applying a powder and only use in the area’s you absolutely need it!

Not Blending onto Your Neck

This is such a common mistake that I notice all the time! Not blending your foundation down to your neck and collar bone can give the illusion you are wearing a mask. You never want to stop just at your chin. Your foundation should look natural so blending down is essential in getting a seemless application.

We’ve all made these mistakes and more! Fortunately makeup wipes away and we can keep practicing! Plus, I know I love to sit down and experiment!