I love a good sheet mask. I find them relaxing and an easy way take care of your skin. I spotted the new Tony Moly masks at Ulta (you can also find them at Sephora) and decided to give them a try. Toly Moly is a Korean skincare company that has a huge variety of products including various sheet masks.

The first one I tried was the I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask – Moisturizing, which is formulated with aloe vera to hydrate and transform dull skin. I loved this mask. I left ended up leaving it on for well over 30 minutes but it was much needed. My skin is currently oily with dry patches and this helped tremendously! It calmed my redness from my several breakouts I had while soothing the irritation. I will definitely be picking this up again when my skin is dry and irritated.


 The next mask I tried was the Red Wine Face Sheet Mask – Pore Care, which is forumalted with red wine extract to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while tightening and purifying the skin. Out of the two, this was my FAVORITE. My skin actually looked better after this one.  However, I used this after a blackhead clearing strips to help close my pores and reduce their size. I’m so glad I did – my pores, specifically my nose – looked AMAZING. Again, I left this mask on for a good 30 minutes and I used the clearing strips beforehand. This mask won’t permenantly shrink your pores or anything – but it really did help my skin look better and feel tighter.


Overall I really loved these masks and I highly suggest them. If you are someone who isn’t interested in a bunch of different skin care items, I highly suggest these. They are quick and easy to grab. They’re a great way to give your skin a pick me up!