You guys!!! I finally gave in to picking up a few Wet’n Wild products I have been reading about. After hearing rave reviews from a few bloggers (Amy from The Makeup Case and Kaily from Hello Kaily… I’m looking at you ladies!). I picked up 3 reformulated blushes and the Comfort Zone Palette.

Before this purchase, the only Wet’n Wild items I had were a couple lipsticks and their contour palettes before they were reformulated. I’m pretty happy with the quality of the lipsticks and contour palette but for some reason I was so skeptical when it came to blush and eye shadow! (morphe and Makeup Geek have me spoiled)

L to R: Pearlescent Pink, Rose Champagne, Apri-Cot in the Middle, Comfort Zone Palette

 I am absolutely stunned at the pigmentation and quality of these products! I have worn Rose Champagne every day since I picked it up! Its absolutely stunning. It gives the most gorgeous glow to the checks without being over powering.  Its the perfect neutral blush that can match any look. I have also been mixing it with Apri-Cot in the Middle, which is just to pretty!

Pearlescent Pink, Rose Champagne, Apri-Cot in the Middle.

Pearlescent Pink will be perfect during the summer when I have tan. Its a little bright for my fair skin right now, but its stunning!


The pigmentation  of the Comfort Zone palette was VERY unexpected! I’ve read all about the definer shade on the bottom right of the palette and let me tell you…. IT GIVES ME LIFE!! It is so gorgeous! I have also read it is a dupe for MAC’s Blue Brown pigment, but I do not have it to compare. However it does look similar to a few other shadows I have, so I plan on doing some swatches. If they turn out to be similar, I will definitely share with you guys! I also LOVE the peachy satin shade. The only shade I do not see myself using is the green shade. I’ve never really used greens, so we’ll see.

The best part about this purchase are the prices! The blushes were only $2.99 each and the palette was $4.99. You can not beat those prices! These items are completely worth teh money and I will definitely be checking out more drug store items!

If you guys have any other suggestions, PLEASE let me know!