Today’s post is a little different than most, and I may have gone off on a little bit of a tangent.

There is so much criticism over makeup and how to apply it or how much to wear. Between the articles filled with what to do and what not to do’s, there is a point where makeup can lose all of the artistry and the individualism that comes with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for learning a new technique and watching tutorials because I love watching others create. However, if you want to rock bright green eyeliner with blue liquid lipstick, do it! Hell if you want to wear lipstick as eyeshadow, than do you! Makeup should not have rules, just general guidlines to help along the way. Makeup can do so much more than just cover a blemish. It should help you express your individuality.

Here is why I wear makeup:

I wear makeup to not only attempt to conceal my large pores, acnes, and redness but also because its ‘me’ time. Its my time everyday to sit down and do something I enjoy. I can create anything I desire and can transform into anyone I want to be. I can be glamorous and sultry with bold lashes or rock a badass dark smokey eye and vampy lip.  I wear makeup for me. I dont wear it to impress my husband or my friends. I wear it because it makes me feel good. I love sitting down and swatching eyeshadows and lipsticks. I love to create new looks. I’m not scared to share a big makeup fail with my friends. Its fun to talk about the things we’ve tried.

Honestly, I don’t care if someone does not like my makeup. If I want to wear a full face of makeup including contouring to go to work, then i’m going to. I’ll rock a vampy lip and a bold eye if I want to. If I want to highlight my entire face and look like a fucking disco ball, I will. I wear makeup to make me happy and more confident. I do not wear it to make anyone else happy. If you aren’t happy with the way I do my makeup, then do yours however you’d like. If you’re into the natural look, do it. If you’re into full on glam with lashes and glitter every day, do it. If you don’t wear makeup, thats fine too! I’m not judging anyone for how much or how little makeup they wear. We all have different tastes. I do not wear mine to look good for you nor should you wear it to look good for me.

Wear makeup however you want. Wear it for you. Don’t let rules dictate what you think you can and can not do! Experiment and wear that purple eyeliner and green lipstick. Don’t listen to men, haters, or worst of all those beauty magazines that tell you to weigh 80lbs and contouring shouldnt be done during the day.

I’d love to know why all of you wear makeup, so please share away!

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