Hey guys! I’m back with another haul/ review.


MAC released their limited edition FIX+ scents and I had to get one! I picked upYuzu but I don’t notice any type of scent really. This is my first time trying Fix+ and I am so, so impressed! I’ve mainly been using this to really bring out the pigment in eyeshadows as well as spraying on my foundation brush before applying foundation. I dont use this as a setting spray or facial spray as I already have products I use and love for those purposes. I am actually really impressed with this. It makes eyeshadows pop! Even if a shadow is extremely pigmented and you dont actually need Fix+, it just does something magical to the eyeshadows. They stand out that much more and it also helps to keep the shadows in place all day.

First example is a buttery, creamy HIGHlY pigmented Morphe shadow from the 35T palette with and without Fix+. This is only one swipe!


Next example are two shades from the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette. Again one swipe!


All of these shadows are amazing on their own, but Fix+ really works magic (its the glycerin). If you have yet to pick this stuff up, I HIGHLY recommend it!

The next thing I picked up was MAC Stone lipstick. I had been eyeing this stunning muted grey taupe brown in a matte finish for the longest time! This season I have been loving grey toned lipsticks! While I had really been loving the grey toned liquid lipsticks in my collections, I needed a regular lipstick for days my lips were dry and needed extra moisture. This guy is gorgeous and the perfect addition to my little MAC lipstick collection.


The last item I picked up was a pro palette refill pan to pop in my Z Palette. I decided on Satin Taupe which is a lovely taupe with silver shimmer. This is considered a frost, so there is no chunks of glitter or shimmer that fall out. I love taupey shadows and this is no exception. Its so pretty and easy to work with. Best of all its a very wearable shade!  This shadow is very soft and pigmented.


BONUS! I recieved a free travel sized sample of MAC Strobe Cream with my order. I’ve only mixed it in with foundation and it adds a subtle glow to the skin.