Good morning folks!

Today I want to talk about another Colour Pop haul. Colour Pop again?? I know. I know. My colour Pop collection is getting out of hand but when Everything and Nothin posted that the Back to Cool set was accidently marked down to $4, I could not hold back! This set is $30, so even with Shipping I only paid $8.99! I couldn’t pass up that kind of deal!


This set is from their 90’s collection released this fall. It is a gorgeous range of fall shades that are suitable for a wide variety of skin tones.  Below are the gorgeous swatches!


The shades from left to right are Choker, Mosh Pit, Baewatch, Out of Sync, Too Sexy, and TGIF.

From Colour Pop’s website : Choker- Light cool-toned beige in a Crème finish; Mosh Pit- Mid-tone warm brown in a Matte finish; TGIF- True brick red in a Matte finish; Baewatch- Dusty rose in a Matte finish; Out of Sync- Bright blue fuchsia in a Matte finish; Too Sexy- Deep red violet with a subtle blue flash in a Matte finish

Of course I am in love with Baewatch. Its stunning! I haven’t worn Choker alone, as I fear it might not look right, but I have worn it with other shades to lighten them up and it always looks beautiful!

I also love the cute packaging.  I am a packaging horder and one day I hope to have an area to display all of the adorable packing. For now, its stacked up on a the bottom shelf of my vanity set up.


Did you score this awesome deal?! Did you pick up anything else during the Colour Pop sales?

PS. There will be another very small colour pop haul coming soon! Don’t worry its for a good cause!