Hey Folks,

A few weeks ago I picked up a few Essie Nail Appliques from the Dollar Tree. Obviously I HAD to grab a couple to test as these normally run $10 at Target or Walmart. I wanted to give these a try to see how they compare to the Jamberry Nail Appliques that I normally purchase from a friend (I currently have a stash big enough to last me a year). I prefer to paint my nails but for times when I am lazy, in a hurry, or wanting to add an easy accent nail I reach for Jamberry as they never let me down.


First up, lets talk designs. I’m not sure how many designs Essie offer’s but they always have a limited selection in stores, especially in the Dollar Tree. Jamberry has a HUGE assortment for styles and colors to choose from on their website.

Next, lets talk price. A sheet of Jamberry Nail Appliques will cost you $15 but I can easily get 2 applications out of 1 sheet and still have enough to do my toes. Essie Nail Appliques will cost you $10 and I could only get 1 application out of them and enough left to do my toes. So, for 5 extra bucks you can get an extra application. Its pretty even here.

On to application. Application for the Essie Appliques was very simple. Just pick the appropriate sizes for you nail, push back cuticles, peel off, and apply. Push down on the applique firmly to ensure it adheres to the nail then file any excess away from the end of the nail. Jamberry requires the nail appliques to be warmed for the adhesive to become activated. While this really doesn’t bother me it does take a bit more time to apply. Once I have picked the right sizes and pushed my cuticle back, I peel off a nail applique and gently use a blow dryer to heat, then apply and firmly press it to nail. Once it is smooth, I reapply heat to ensure adhesion. Lastly I file away any excess. Essie is much easier to apply as it does not require heat to activate the adhesive.

Finally, lasting power. I find these both to last a fair amount of time. I am very rough on my nails as I am always on the computer, cooking, and just picking at things in general. Both of these have lasted a week and half on my nails with minimal wear on the nail tips. I only took off the Essie Nail Appliques to polish my nails for a wedding I attended on Friday.

After 6 days of wear.

I honestly think both products are great and are very comparable depending on your preference.

Have you tried Essie or Jamberry?