Today I wanted to share how my makeup collection has evolved since the addiction became real in 2010/2011. After looking back at old Instagram and Facebook photo’s, I can’t believe I thought what I had back then was a lot! Of course back then I was police officer and didn’t wear much makeup.

Circa 2011

I’m still in disbelief that I ever thought this was a lot of makeup! This picture makes me look like I am now hoarder! I actually have only held on to that hot pink blush in front left. The rest of this was thrown out long, long ago as I discovered better products.


Approximately 2013

I don’t remember owning half of these things. Most of this has been used up, given away or thrown away. I do still have all of the Eco Tools and Real Techniques brushes! Two years later and still no shedding or deforming.


Present Day 2015

The addiction Is real and I’m about out of space. If I tried to spread this out, it would cover the entire floor in our office/beauty room. I had originally wanted and planned on purchasing a gorgeous wooden vanity, however, it had no storage for my growing collection. I decided to pick up this computer desk and matching shelves instead. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the alex drawers and table top but one day it will be mine! One day! I do like that everything is on display and I can easily see where everything is located. You can see my storage is nothing fancy but it is practical.




I find that this meme pretty much sums it up.


How much has your collection grown? Is this a sign we may want to use something’s up before we buy more? Nah.