Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Today, I once again, bring you the glories of Colour Pop. So if you are tired of reading about Colour Pop or have no interest in another mini haul which I have name #9836, then look away because this post is going to be full of all the glory that is Colour Pop!


They did it to us again, 5 new Ulta Matte’s were released and this brand has no intention of slowing down any time soon! They are soon releasing pencil and gel liners! AH! I’ve just gotten into a gel liners and I have been searching for a good inexpensive one.

Anyway, you came for the swatches, not to hear my babbling!

I picked up 3 Ulta Mattes from their new release. I had to get my hands on Chilly Chili, More Better, and Bad Habit. They seemed like the perfect fall shades, and I was not disappointed! Chilly Chili is a muted plummy brown, More Better is a deep violet wine, and Bad Habit is a dusty mauve pink! They are all absolutely gorgeous and so far Bad Habit is my favorite! I love dusty mauve shades.



This formula did feel a little different as they didn’t crumble of me, but I could have just gotten better at applying them. I had been putting 2 coats on until I learned that less is more with these. Several coats makes these crumble!

For anyone who is interested, I have started working on a HUGE Colour Pop Collection Post. Absolutely everything will be swatched so you can get an idea of what different shades look like and how they compare to the rest of the line. All I need is for Colour Pop to stop putting out new products for a while! I do plan on purchasing a few liners before I do a complete collection swatch post! So look for it sometime in mid-late November! I’ve been doing a lot of swatching!

Please let me know if you love Colour Pop as much as I do and if you are just as excited about the liners being released!

Have a great week!