Today we’re going to talk about drug store products. I have to be completely honest, I do not use a wide variety of drug store items. I am not talking drug store priced products such as Colour Pop or LA Girl but rather only items that can be found at the drug store. It’s not that I refuse to use drug store products, I just have a hard time finding things that work well for me.

First and foremost, my favorite drug store brand is NYX. They offer such a wide variety of products and I have had luck with most of them. Since I am sure you do not want to be here all day, I’ll refrain from listing every NYX product I own. I’m just going to stick to one item from various brands, so you don’t have to hear me babble on about NYX.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation $12.99

This foundation is amazing for being from a drug store. Before I had heard about this I hadn’t picked up a drug store foundation in years! Drug store foundations didn’t seem to keep my face matte and by mid day I was cakey and my foundation was separating due to the oils in my skin. Not with this! The L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Mate Foundation is absolutely amazing. It has been one of my go-to’s for months now. It has excellent coverage, doesn’t get cakey, and doesn’t separate. This doesn’t have a weird smell or texture. I highly recommend this if you are oily!


NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Toasted Marshmallow $6.99

I am not a fan of glosses at all. Most are too sticky and not pigmented. The NYX Intense Butter Glosses break the mold and are absolutely fabulous. They have a wide range of shades that are all highly pigmented and not sticky or goopy feeling. While these don’t have staying power since they are a gloss, I do not mind reapplying as they have a sweet scent. My favorite shade in the line is Toasted Marshmallow. Its a gorgeous mauvey purple shade that is perfect for fall. I’m actually close to need a new one, which is rare for me to run out of a lip product!


Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder $3.99

The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is my favorite powder for setting my foundation with. It doesn’t get cakey on me or look too heavy. The powder is wonderful but the packaging is cheap! Be careful to not drop this as it will shatter in its cheap plastic container but for the price, you can pick up another.


Wet’n Wild Contour Palette $3.99

While this palette isn’t highly pigmented, it does have buildable color that blends nicely onto the skin. Its perfect for getting a light natural contour. This comes in 2 shades, I own both and love them both equally. One is a tad darker than the other and the highlight shade’s are different. While I don’t use the highlight shade for anything other than setting my under eye from time to time, its worth it to pick up the palette just for the contour shades.


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow Eye $6.99

I’ve picked up all of my Color Tattoo’s at the Dollar Tree. I love these as an eye shadow base or when I just want a very simple eye. These are easy and pigmented enough to throw on and get on with your day. When used as a base, they can intensify your shadow and keep your shadows in place all day! These are dupes for MAC pain pots.

I completely forgot to take a photo but I have about 6 of them and picked all of mine up at the Dollar Tree for a $1.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara $11.99  

I loved this Rimmel mascara! This came in one of my beauty boxes and I ended up loving it. It gave wonderful volume. I’m not sure if it helped my lashes grow or not since I have naturally long lashes, but it was a good mascara otherwise. This didn’t get clumpy or run on me. It was a nice black mascara with excellent volume.


ELF Studio Blush Palette in Dark $6

I absolutely could not believe how pigmented this palette was when I first picked it up. Holy cow does this pack a pigmented punch! I did not expect it to be so pigmented when I first swatched this. I picked up the dark palette back in February and it still looks like I’ve barely used this guy. That is how little you need on your brush. while I do find that it fades a little. I always wear a primer as well as a setting spray and I find that this helps the blushes last longer. This dark palette is perfect for fall and is like nothing else I own!


Have you tried any of these? Do you have any drug store suggestions ?