Hey all!

This post is very, very late! I’m talking over 2 months late. I picked up the Lorac Pro Metal and the Lorac Pro Matte with my $10 off birthday coupon from Ulta at the end of July. Yup. Its been that long ago. Let’s just say I really wanted to test these guys out before giving you a review? Sound good? Ok then, off we go.

The Lorac Pro Matte and Lorac Pro Metal are Ulta exclusives and both retail for $28. They each come with 8 shadows that are packed with pigment! These are consistent with the Lorac Pro line. Theses shadows are soft and buttery but are a bit powdery, that’s nothing new if you are familiar with these shadows.

I love a good matte shadow, so it should be no surprise that I decided to pick up the Lorac pro Matte. I also love a good neutral as I have always preferred these types of shadows. I immediately gravitated towards the burgundy shade! Its the perfect slight pop of color in a very neutral palette. This palette is great to create a day time look and yet you can also smoke it out to take you into the evening. Do I think this palette is anything special? Not at all. There are a ton of matte palettes on the market now that are just as good and offer more of a variety. I do however, think these are absolutely wonderful shadows at a great price. The size makes it perfect for traveling.


The shades in the palette from Left to Right are : Bare, Latte, Corduroy, Chocolate, Linen, Pink Mauve, Burgundy, and Jet Black.


When I first saw the Lorac Pro Metal I fell in love with the Rose Gold shade. The top row alone had me wanting the palette while the bottom row scared me a little. I’ve never been one to wear  gold, orange, green, or blue. I decided to go against my instinct after seeing swatches on this guy. While they are highly pigmented, these shadows are still extremely wearable shades. These shadows are just so beautiful! This one is great to have for traveling as well. Its perfect to for on the go when you want to add a pop of color to your look. I highly recommend this one!


The shades in the palette from Left to Right  are : Quartz, Rose Gold, Graphite, Onyx, Gilded, Amber, Glover, and Cobalt.


These palettes pair wonderfully together. I personally cannot put together an entire look with the Metal but pair it with the Matte and I’ve got myself a completed look. Some may think its a pain to use more than one palette to create an entire look, but lets be real; how many products are we using anyway? What’s one more! Personally, I rarely use just one!

Have you picked these up? If so, I’d love to see some looks you’ve created!

Remember the Metal is limited edition but it is still on the Ulta website.