Hello Folks,

About a month or so ago I picked up another item from Looxi Beauty. I decided to grab Georgia on My Mind, which is a gorgeous pale peach shimmer that is sure to look good on every skin tone! They always put their shadows in a cute mesh bad with a hand written note. Its a wonderful personal touch.


Honestly, I’m actually very disappointed in this shadow. Everything else that I have picked up from this brand, I absolutely love! This particular shadow does not have the same creamy, velvety texture that the others have. This is very, very dry! It does have pigment but I find I have to use a wet brush to get the same pigmentation as the other shadows have when dry. This has the dryness of a baked shadow, which is very odd since this is not a baked shadow.


Do not get me wrong, I am not saying this is a bad shadow. It is still pigmented and you can work with it. I am only disappointed in this shade since it does not even compare to the quality of the other Looxi Beauty products I have. I could have gotten a bad batch or it cold be old due to how dry it is. Who knows. I still highly recommend their products! Bombshell is one of my go to highlighters!

These swatches were done dry so you can see the true pigment.


Have you tired anything from Looxi?