Hello Folks!

I wanted to share a recent discovery with all of you. I’m sure many of you have already tried this brand but Mario Badescu is brand new to me! I always overlooked the brand and never thought much of it. I had heard Jaclyn Hill rave about the products here and there but not really enough to grab my attention or make me think I needed to try anything. This was actually a completely random purchase while scouring the Ulta website in search of something that might help keep my skin hydrated with out being oily and help to calm down my skin since it has been terrible for the past few weeks.

When I stumbled across the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, I was very intrigued. It was only $7 for 4oz and had 4.6 stars. I figured it was worth a shot after reading the claims and reviews. The product description from the Ulta Website says, “A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime. Simply formulated with fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. Spray your day and night creams for a boost of hydration or use it to set make-up or spray on dry hair throughout the day. Safe for all skin types. Gentle, non-irritating”. You can spray this on your face, neck and HAIR as needed. Of course I caved and picked it up.


Once it arrived, I had to use it immediately. It smells wonderful, like a mix of fresh roses and herbs but not completely overpowering. Its just refreshing. At first I sprayed this on dry, clean skin. The aloe almost immediately calmed my skin and I could visibly tell the redness is my skin was reduced significantly. This also dries very quickly! My skin felt so refreshed and hydrated. The mist doesn’t come out thick or heavy, it is a perfect light mist.

I have been using this every morning and night……before my makeup goes on and after it comes off. Its just a great boost to help keep my skin healthy and calm. I have used this a couple times to help refresh my makeup, I will say I have no complaints about using it that way either. It didn’t move my makeup, yet my skin got a nice refreshing boost. I have not used this yet on my hair. I tend to always keep oil on the ends of my hair or since I don’t wash my hair every day, on the night before I wash it, I sleep with conditioner on it to really give it a deep conditioning. So to me, I just don’t need it for my hair. If you have used it for your hair, please let me know how you like it! I’d love to know! A little does go a long way, but I feel like I will use this quickly since I do love how it makes my skin look and feel. I’m using this several times a day, so we’ll see how long it lasts!

I will definitely be grabbing another the next time I plan on purchasing from Ulta! ( I actually just discovered there is an 8oz size on Amazon for $12. That’s something to keep in mind!) If there are any other Mario Badescu products you suggest, please let me know! This has calmed my skin tremendously but I am still dealing with a few breakouts which I’m spot treating. Any suggestions are appreciated!