Hello Beauties!

I’m very excited to share this post with you all! I have recently purchased a few items from Morphe Brushes for the first time. I had been eyeing not only their brushes but also their 35 eyeshadow pan palettes. At first I thought… Meh… thinking they would be on the same mediocre level as BH ( I do love BH brushes… just not the larger palettes since they really lack in pigmentation). Then when I started seeing so many beauty bloggers and youtubers raving about Morphe and backing their products, I grew very intrigued. The more I saw these palettes swatched, the more I saw myself drooling over these items.  I finally broke down and purchased a few items!


First up, I obviously had to pick up two brushes. The M-139 which is a tapered crease blender and the M-169 which is a round crease brush. These brushes pick up product nicely and distribute it evenly. I have been using the M-139 for blending shadows into my crease and the M-169 has been nice for shading the outer V. These brushes seem very sturdy and have not shed on me yet, but they are still fairly new. My only gripe is that these just aren’t as soft as I like. I love Crown Brushes for how dense and soft their brushes our but maybe I just need to try one of the other brush lines Morphe offers. These were on sale and were only a few dollars each. They are overall great brushes and I have no complaints with out they pick up and distribute shadow on the lid. I’m hoping they get softer after a wash or two.


Next I picked up a single shadow in Pink Moscato. I had never seen this shade swatched but wpid-20151004_192612-1.jpgit looked like a shadow I needed to get my hands on. Plus its called Pink Moscato! So, I had to. Plus at $2 what was it going to hurt to give it a try. When I swatched this, HOLY SMOKES was I impressed. We’re talking close to Makeup Geek swatches here. I almost passed out from eyeshadow excitement. This is absolutely gorgeous and I now need to pick up more single shadows. This was velvety and almost creamy feeling. One dip in the shadow is all you need for how pigmented this guy is!

I had to save the absolute best for last! The absolutely stunning Morphe 35T (Taupe) Palette. This immediately caught my eye online as I am a sucker for taupey shades. wpid-20151004_192644-1.jpgThis palette is full of taupey plums and bronzes. Again, this absolutely blew me away. I’m talking I was on the verge of passing out again. Beauty overload here. Every shadow is velvety, creamy, soft, and luxurious feeling. With one swipe of the finger you can see how amazing the pigment is, especially for the shimmer and metallic shades. The matte shades are much more intense on the lid than in a swatch though. The matte shades do not cling to your finger like they do a brush. These matte shades are so pigmented I really had to blend them out the first time using them. wpid-20151004_192858-2-1.jpgThe metallic shades apply like a dream! I have no idea why I did not pick up one of these palettes a long time ago. With 35 shades in each they are so versatile and none of the palettes are the same. These palettes are so wonderfully laid out.  Look at those swatches! These shadows are to die for! I actually have no idea why I will ever need to pick up another high end palette when I can get these! This retails for $22.99 and I believe all the palettes are that price. Also, many youtubers have an affiliate discount code you can use for 10% off. They do make a commission off of this but I have no issue using one if it can save me a bucks as well!

Shipping was kind of pricey at $8 but it arrived just a few short days and nothing was damaged. Overall I am highly satisfied with my purchase! I’ve also been eyeing the 35O palette along with the rest of civilization, so as soon as that comes back in stock I plan on getting up a few things.

Have any of you tired anything from Morphe? How has your experience been with them?