Hello again!

I have been loving Soap and Glory body butters.  My skin gets very dry in the fall and winter,  so I’m always looking for something to help keep my skin moisturized.  While the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe lotion is great for summer) and I do still use it for my face),  I need more this time of year.

I’m a long time fan of the Soap &  Glory Righteous Butter.  It has been my go to for the past few years.  It has a light slightly floral scent that is so wonderful but it’s not over powering.  I’m not a fan of extreme floral scents but I do like this.  Since it is a body butter,  it does have a very thick consistency. Its packed full of shea butter and aloe to help hydrate and sooth dry skin. It is suggested you put this on when you get out of shower and your skin is still slightly wet. I’ve used it in damp skin ad well as on dry skin and I love using it both ways.  I even keep a travel size of this version in my purse if I’m feeling extra dry at work or on the go.


Recently I’ve picked up the Soap &  Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream.  This has an amazing sweet lime scent that smells even sweeter once it’s on the skin.  I have just been slathering this all over the past few days!  This has shea and cocoa nut balm, lime and almond oils, as well as kiwi juice! This one does not come in a travel sized version on the Ulta website (or when Sephora use to sell it) but I would love it of they did! This also has a thick consistency but I think it’s a little less so that the righteous butter. This is also recommended to put on after a shower but I’ve used it on damp and dry skin.



These are a skin saver. I hate dry,  cracked skin/ I wear a lot of skirts to work and I can not stand the feeling of dry,  flakey legs.  These smell wonderful and leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth.  If you haven’t tried them,  check them out!  You can also use the $3.50 off $10 at Ulta on these!

Let me know what Soap &  Glory products you love!