Hey all!

I’m finally posting a monthly favorites. I’m not even sure if I’ve done a monthly favorites. I find myself reaching for my favorites all the time just not one month at a time. So these are normally pretty hard for me to put together.

A-Line / Midi Skirts

For some reason I have been loving A-Line / Midi skirts. I always thought I would be too short for them but I’ve been wearing them high on the waist and with heels. I’ve actually been getting so many comments on these 3 skirts! The hounds tooth is from Forever 21 and the two solids are from Charlotte Russe. They are all extremely affordable and absolutely adorable. The only downside… if you can even say is a downside… these all have to be hand washed and line dried. I actually don’t mind this. I do throw them in the dryer for a couple minutes to release any wrinkles but I have not has an issue with any! These are so cute for fall and will look great with tights in the winter!


Hand Bags

I’ve recently picked up several (3) handbags. Whoops. In my defense I picked them up for great prices at Gabes. All name brand and nothing wrong with them. One of them I haven’t even been used yet but I have been loving 2 of them. These two bags are sturdy and both unique finds. I love finding a good bag! I tend to learn more towards black hand bags. You can never have enough black handbags or shoes in my opinion. They go with everything (at least in my closet) and are never outdated. I was having a terrible time getting a picture of the black and white bag so I found a photo online. (it looks gray in the photo but the pattern actually has black and white crackle pattern. I also took the strap off of mine!)


E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Blending Brush

This brush is freaking life! LIFE I TELL YOU. It is one of the softest brushes I have ever used. I was absolutely shocked at what wonderful quality this brush is. I need to own 10 of them in case they ever quit making them. I’ve been using this for contour and OOMMMGGGG… AMAZEBALLS. It blends flawlessly. (note:I’ve also been using this for adding a little bronzer certain area’s of my face.) I have even washed it since purchasing and I have experienced no shedding or deterioration. Its also the perfect size for traveling. I could not be any happier with this brush. ELF really hit it out of the ball park with this one! You will not regret picking this guy up!


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured – Opal

I picked this beauty up during Ulta’s 21 Day’s of Beauty. It went on sale to platinum members for $19 as a beauty steal one of the days. I couldn’t pass it up! Just before this I had picked up the Bet of Becca Set from HSN which had a deluxe size of the pressed version. I decided for $19 I really couldn’t pass up trying the poured. The poured version is a cream which blends out flawlessly for a more natural highlight or it can be layered with the pressed for a VERY intense highlight. I have absolutely been loving it this month. I’ve worn it alone and I’ve also paired with various highlights when I want to look like a disco ball. Its absolutely wonderful. After trying this I decided to pick up a set that was a beauty break special at Ulta, if you spend $50 then you got this little set for free. I’ll be featuring it in an upcoming post, so I wont go into too much detail and spoil it!


That is going to conclude this month’s favorites! I couldn’t pick a favorite lip or eye product, as I really try to use various products every day! Hopefully you enjoyed the bit of fashion and style items I have been loving this month as well as the makeup items!

I’ve been loving all of your monthly favorites and I hope you enjoy mine as well!

Until Next time.