Good Morning!

I wanted to quickly share with you a mini notebook I picked up to attempt to keep my purse a little less messy. I have a tendency to write up a shopping list or a to do list or actually really anything and throw it in my purse. My purse then becomes a cluttered mess when I am done with my shopping list at the store. I just throw it back in my purse and forget to throw it away when I get home. I really don’t ever clean out my purse until I decide to switch to a different one.


I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and I am not going to deny that. I didn’t even know I wanted a mini notebook until I saw this little gem!  Its 21/2″ X 31/2″ so its TINY but oh so convenient! Its also so cute and stylish!  This little guy was $14 on Nordstrom but it also came with free shipping which is always a win for me!


The cover is a thick metallic sliver that’s has ‘Pretty Little Thing’ embossed on the front. It has a satin ribbon as a place holder and the lined pages are wrapped in a metallic gold.


The inside cover features a gorgeous metallic polka dot that imitates the reflect on the front cover.  Its absolutely gorgeous!

wpid-20150925_175546-1.jpgThere is also a gold version available is silver is not your color. There are also various sizes available if you need something a little bigger for your notes! I didn’t want to go any bigger since I already keep so many things in my bag and I’m attempting to de-clutter.

If you guys like these kinds of style posts of cute odds and ends I pick up, let me know! If not, also let me know. I want to write about things you guys actually enjoy reading!

I also have so many hauls to share! I’m working on one or two posts as I have been trying all fo the products to give all of you an accurate review that will hopefully help you in deciding if its something you’re interested it!

Have a great Wednesday Folks!