Hi all!

WARNING: This is going to be long post so get comfortable!

I absolutely could not wait to write this post. I was so excited to share this with you guys and none of the products has even arrived! I went on a bit of an eyeshadow frenzy but in my defense everything was very reasonably priced and the shimmery goodness was too much for me to bare. I had to get my hands on them!


Coastal Scents

Most of us have heard of Coastal Scents and have tried their products at one time or another. I have received a few shadow samples in Ipsy or Birchbox. I love their Revealed 2 palette I won in a giveaway and have heard wonderful things about the other Revealed palettes as well. I know they both are on my list to pick up!

I ordered 6 of these hot pots at $1.95 a pop! I heard these shades were hit or miss but for less than 2 bucks what did I really have to lose? I ordered Frosty Taupe, Barista, Caramel Ice, Pale Nude, Mint Condition, and Lake Shore. Mint Condition and Lake Shore are a little out of my comfort zone but they are absolutely beautiful! I wanted to start branching out and these were in my price range to do so. The pigment is amazing and these shadows are such good quality for the price. I can not suggest these enough! I’ve already got a cart full of others shades I am wanting!


The order also came with a decent sized blush sample (which I busted trying to open but I plan on pressing it back together for my Z Palette) and a costal scents sticker. I’m over all very happy with this purchase that was just over $15 including shipping. Total win in my book! Shipping was also very fast as mine shipped from PA and arrived at my door in WV 2 days later. Can’t beat it! I’ve now got my eye on Light Plum and Aluminum Taupe!

Looxi Beauty

This is a brand I had never heard of before a couple weeks ago on Instagram. Colour Pop Cult had posted a photo of some INSANELY pigmented shadows that were not from CP. Of course I had to do some investigating but there was little information to find on this brand. 3 YouTube videos and 200 or so Instagram pictures. All of which were raving about these shadows. Everyone only picked up 1 or 2 shadows or a highlight, I couldn’t find much on the entire line. I did find out this brand went live maybe 3 ago according to the amount of weeks its been on Instagram.

I decided I HAD to try these products. I ordered 2 shades in Latte and Malibu for my first order. Malibu is an gorgeous aquatic blue with a duo chrome effect that fades from blue to gold. Perfect for the WVU Mountaineer games when I tag along with my husband. Latte is the PERFECT champagne beige which is perfect for the lid or inner corner. It is a VERY intense shade. I’m head over heels for these shadows!

A few days later after seeing an Instagram post that Looxi Beauty’s highlight in Bombshell was an exact dupe for Champagne pop, I feel in love. I watched the side by side video of them being swatched and couldn’t believe my eyes! EXACTLY THE FREAKING SAME. Its a gorgeous light champagne gold shade. You know I had to have it. I absolutely love that they offer 2 different sized pans or you can order it in a compact. Since I wanted it for my Z Palette I shoes to buy the Large size without the compact. I have to tell you its a pretty good size too!!




You can not even see the gorgeousness of these shadows in the picture.

The first order had shipped after a couple days and it arrived with in 4 days. When I opened the box, my second order was also inside! I was such a happy girl and spent the evening swatching it all multiple times. Everything was highly pigmented, soft and creamy, blended well, and didn’t crease on my eyes. I am beyond impressed and already have another wish list. The shadows were $5 and the larger highlight was $12.50.To get free shipping use CULTFREE at checkout!  My wish list now includes eyeshadows in Georgia on My Mind, Spoiled, Olive You!, and Perfect as well as the highlighters in Ever After and Valley Girl. You can check out their website here: http://www.looxibeauty.com/

Makeup Geek

At some time or another you have more than likely heard of Makeup Geek from either Instagram or YouTube stars like Jaclyn Hill or Young Wild & Polished. So I wont go into too much detail about this brand. I’ve been dying to try these gorgeous shadows for what feels like forever. The price tag at $10 for a foiled shadow and  regular shadows at $5.99 did out me off just a pinch. Plus I never had a Z Palette to store them in ( I had to pick one up just for this buying frenzy) I could wait no longer, I had to get my sweaty hands on those luscious shadows!


I picked up Cinderella and Starry Eyed ( I didn’t even realize I spelled Starry Eyed wrong until now…Apparently in my half asleep/ excited state I couldn’t spell and I’m too lazy to fix it…….). I love both of these! Cinderella is a gorgeous stain pink and Starry Eyed speaks for itself. I’ve worn it on my lid 3 days in a row now. its just stunning! These shadows are just absolutely gorgeous and I have decided that I need to collect them all. I blame this purchase on my Friend Nikki, she pushed me over the edge with her on point eyeshadow. Completely worth the price!!! Shipping was decent but I can not stand DHL. There is such a delay in getting products to USPS. They just sit in limbo land and tracking doesn’t update for days. I’m basically a crazy person when I order things, I check the tracking every day and expect progess to be made. I can understand it sitting for a day but not 3 or 4. COME ON.

Side Note: Looxi and Makeup Geek are VERY similar in wear and texture. Both very soft and blendable!

I absolutely cannot wait for the Jaclyn Hill collab to be announced and revealed! There have been so many teasers of upcoming products and I am going nuts! I can’t wait to see all the pretty makeup! My bank account it already screaming at me.

I ordered a large leopard print Z palette from Amazon Prime for $18, which is $2 off the original price. I absolutely love it. I love the idea of customizing my own palette!

Here is what mine looks like. All the shadows are labeled by brand, if you want to know a specific color just let me know! I can also throw up better swatches!   I am absolutely thrilled with all of these shadows! They are all highly pigmented, blendable, NOT chalky, and stay all day!


The Ofra single is the Eyeshadow Highlight in Bliss that Ipsy sent out in the July bag. I loved it to much I had to grab a back up with my Ipsy points! It was the first time I had taken advantage of my Ipsy points and I have no idea why I waited so long! I have so many expired points I could have used! Ugh.

Have you picked up anything from these brands? Any new brands you’d love to share?