I have been totally slacking on posting these makeup challenge days. I got carried away with other posts, starting a new job (finally), my birthday, and honestly just completely forgetting about them until I had an ‘OH SHIT’ moment.

So lets just get on with it since I know you have been dying for me to finish this 14 day or more like 14 week challenge.

Day 10 Favorite Eyeshadow: Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in Partridge.


By now you have probably seen this gorgeous shade on Instagram, other blogs, etc. This brown shade has a green duo chrome in it that is to die for!! I want to wear this shadow all over my face and body, but for some reason that is frowned upon and someone would probably make a meme out of me. My love for this shadow runs deep. ITS SO FREAKING PRETTY.


    Day 11 Favorite Lipstick: Lipstick Queen Bright Natural Sinner AND Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft.


There is no way I could ever chose between these two. I don’t even like to wear these two often out of pure irrational fear that I might use these up and for some reason never be able to purchase them again. I know… I’m talking crazy. The packaging for both is just gorgeous in their own way.  The shades are absolutely lovely! Lipstick Queen Bright Natural Sinner is actually what I wore on my wedding day. They are both gorgeous shades of pink. Bright Natural Sinner is more of a sheer satin finish while Lovecraft is more of a matte. They are both very pigmented and absolutely gorgeous!


What are some of your favorites? I’d love to know!