Hello lovelies!

Today I finally wanted to share the giveaway prizes I won! I don’t know how I got so lucky to win two in the past month and half! A huge thank you to Shandel at Shandel Faith and SEATTLEMUA.RENEE from Instagram!

First up is the Revealed 2 Palette Shandel featured on her giveaway! I have been uwpid-screenshot_2015-07-23-09-18-39-1.pngsing this consistently since it arrived on my doorstep! I couldn’t believe how beautifully this palette swatched! The pigment is no joke! I am so impressed! This is my first coastal scents palette and I am already wanting to get my hands on others. The shadows do have some fall out but not a lot. They aren’t glittery, which is a huge plus. These are some of the nicest shadows I own!

IMG_8323 copyI don’t own any of the naked palettes, but I can believe when bloggers say this is a dupe. The top left shade, is now my go to inner corner shadow. Its perfect. As much as I love matte shades, these are the perfect satin and shimmer shades I needed in my collection.

Thank you Shandel for having this wonderful giveaway!

Next is the Instagram giveaway from Renee at Seattlemua.Renee. I won second place and these products are amazing! I received the Too Faced Little Black wpid-screenshot_2015-07-23-09-18-24-1.pngBook of Bronzers, Flutter Lashes in Mink Lindsay, Too Faced Melted in Candy, and NYX High Voltage lipstick in Flawless.


I am saving these gorgeous mink lashes for some sort of special occasion! They are so stunning! The black and pink packaging is amazing. I love that there is a ribbon to help easily remove the inner plastic that the lashes are attached to! Pure genius! Best of all these lashes are so freaking soft and light. They are going to apply to easy and look so glamorous. I want to bust them out for my birthday tomorrow, but since I’m only going to work, that might be a little over the top!

I LOVE Too Faced Melted Lipsticks! This makes my 4th one and Its a gorgeous right pinky/red. These lipsticks last all day, are easy to apply, and aren’t drying. They feel like I have nothing on. I am so excited to add another shade to my collection!!

I had been eyeing the NYX High Voltage lipstick in Flawless for a while. It’s a lighter version of stone, which I love. They are both perfect nudes! These lipsticks are so light and creamy. You do have to reapply them since they do not have the staying power or pigmentation other lipsticks do, but I love them regardless.

wpid-20150706_194851-1.jpg    Last but certainly not least, its The Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers. I am obsessed with this handy little book! All the shades you could ever want, in 1 convenient place. I’ve owed the Chocolate Bronzer for quiet a while. I have the full size version and I’ve gone through several of the travel sized versions. So my love for Too Faced bronzers is strong. Getting this was just glorious! The Too Faced Pink Leopard is the PERFECT HIGHLIGHT. ABSOLUTELY FREAKING PERFECT. It gives a wonderful champagne peach highlight. Snow Bunny is also makes a gorgeous golden/ bronzy highlight!  The matte shades are better for contouring, and I love all shades are in this palette, so I can use it all year year. Milk Chocolate will be perfect for my pale winter skin. I prefer the shimmery bronze shades to warm up my complexion or to quickly throw on when i decide to not contour and highlight.

Thank you so much Renee for this amazing giveaway!

If you want to see looks using these products, let me know! If you have any of these items, how do you use them? Which is your favorite? Don’t forget to follow Shandel on WordPress and Renee on Instagram!