Good Afternoon Beauties!

I wanted to share a simple ad I created. I am in the works of a possible opportunity that I absolutely can’t wait to share with you all! This opportunity required an advertisement. I decided to keep it simple for now. I didn’t want readers to get distracted by too many thingad_s&ss going on. I’ll be creating other ads as business picks up. If anyone has any suggestions or tricks they use, feel free to share! I’m pretty decent with photoshop but didnt want to spend a ton of time of this ad and end up making it more complex than it needed to be.

On to the next order of business!

My one year blogging anniversary was in June and Ive been wanting to do a giveaway! So be on the lookout for details on how to entire being posted on Friday! The giveaway will be announced on Instagram, so head on over and give me a follow @almayerich

This giveaway is only open to US residents, as this is my first one I am not sure of international shipping costs!  Please bare with me for me now! 

Be on the lookout for more posts coming this week! I’ve got Makeup Challenge Days heading your way!