Hello lovelies!

I’m finally back! Its been a bust past few weeks for me. Tailgating with my husbands friends for a pirate game, spending time with my family, Florida with my mom, and then resting and getting caught up on work and house work! I’ve still got piles of laundry to do!

I came home to various packages and I did a little bit of shopping! Be on the lookout of upcoming reviews on subscriptions and my little shopping haul!

I’m still job hunting but I’ve got an ok job for now. The pay is less than it should be and its a less than professional environment. I’m not all that thrilled but its a job. I’d be happier if those around me didn’t constantly question my abilities and intelligence.If they have seen my resume they know I am well over qualified…. Its very frustrating to go from a very good position to being treated like crap . This is what I get for up and quitting my job and relocating to try and be happier, isn’t it? I thought life would be less stress but I’m actually more stressed…. who would have guess. I’ve actually been pretty down about it lately causing me to stray from blogging and other things. For now I keep on plugging away looking for a more stable income and better opportunities.

My “makeup designs” (as my husband named it) business is slowly picking up and I’ve booked several clients over the ext few months. I’m hoping it keeps up! My last few clients were extremely happy!!! Anyone in the Northern WV/ Western PA/ Eastern OH area, contact me! I’ll be offering a promotion the week of my birthday in July!

 I’ve also got some videos recorded, I just need to get to editing them once we get the software set up.

I hope everyone else is doing well!