There is more to a healthy summer glow than just baking in the sun! Here are some of my tips to get your glow on.


1. Water! Drinking your recommended dose of water helps clean out the body to help your skin look radiant! Drink up!  My skin looks so much better when I drink more water! It keeps my acne at bay as well!

2. Along with drinking water, you need to eat healthy. Getting your dose of vitamins and minerals can help keep the skin looking amazing. Some of my favorite healthy recipes are found over at ALOHA

 Crispy Baked Sweet Potatoes & Salted Honey Tahini Sauce. I am a huge salty sweet fan and I especially love sweet potatoes!

Cinnamon Banana Scones with Superfood Peanut Butter. Bananas and Cinnamon?? I’m hooked already. I love sweets and this is something even my husband will eat!

Also, ALOHA has some great products such as protein powders to nutrients to your foods and shades as well as yummy snack mix!

3. Sunless Tanner! If you are not a fan of soaking up the rays or going to the tanning bed, check out sunless tanners! There are many to choose from to help you get a light glow or a dark bronzy tan. My current favorite is the sunless tanner from Tarte. Its not overly bronzy and leaves a nice natural looking tan.

4. Bronzer. Apply a little bronzer to the area’s of the face that the sunlight hits naturally for a hint of that back from the beach glow. My favorite is Cargo’s Water Resistant Bronzer.

Whats your favorite way to get a healthy glow?! I’d love to know!